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Wildhorse Wear Natural Right Shirt

Long before there were firearms, before the 2nd Amendment was penned, before our nation even existed, men armed themselves with the most technologically advanced weapons that they could. Self-defense and the right to bear arms is, after all, a natural right.

The Natural Right Shirt from Wildhorse Wear drives home that point by pointing all the way back to a Native American petroglyph of a man on horseback, wielding a spear. You can see the original petroglyph above and there are images like this found on cliffs, rocks, and caves of nearly every continent. The right to bear arms transcends time, technology, and borders.

This is a shirt that makes a great point and makes it well.

Natural Right Shirt at WildhorseWear.com


Sneak Peek: Zulu Bravo Roach Belly Sheath

What if there was a well vetted self defense knife that was light weight, allowed for variety of grips, and only cost around $15 (and often much less) from a variety of retailers? That would be handy to know about… but there is a catch. The problem is that, like most knives, it comes with a sheath that is barely useful.

Well, the knife is the Cold Steel Roach Belly (less than $12 on Amazon – Roach Belly on Amazon) and the fix for the sheath comes by way of Zulu Bravo Kydex. They will be adding a number of new sheaths, including one for the Roach Belly, to their website this summer with the intent of keeping them in stock so they are always ready to order.

The sheath will have the standard rivet pattern to allow use of all the best belt hardware and clips (sheath shown with Discreet Carry Options Mod 4 Clip). It is carefully trimmed around the grip area to allow the user to establish a full grip right out of the sheath. The slim, fold-over style sheath should work in a variety of carry positions including near the wearer’s centerline.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability information. In the mean time, you can check out ZuluBravoKydex.com.


Free Violent Betsy Patch at RE Factor Tactical

If you pre-order a new Violent Betsy shirt at RE Factor Tactical this weekend, you’ll also receive a free Violent Betsy patch. The offer is good through Sunday, June 10th.

Violent Betsy Shirt at RE Factor Tactical


MatchPoint USA A.M.P.

The new 1.75″ A.M.P. (Accessory Mountain Plate) from MatchPoint USA is now available. This flexible polymer (Tufmax 720) plate is absolutely riddled with anchor points so that it can mount a variety of sheaths, holsters, and accessory pouches at almost any angle. The belt-mounted plate is durable enough to act as a sturdy platform for attaching heavy items and flexible enough to conform to the wearer.

MatchPoint USA is selling the A.M.P. individually or with volume discounts so I would expect to see various other kydex benders incorporating these in their work. There looks to be a lot of versatility and potential built into the A.M.P.



New RIP-M Quick Detach Push Button Mounting Straps from Grey Man Tactical

Grey Man Tactical’s RIP-M (Rigid MOLLE Panels) have been available and improving for some time now. The latest addition to the line makes the panels easy to install on a typical car seat and gives them the ability to be removed at the push of a button.

The new Quick Detach Push Button Mounting Straps feature D-rings at one end for affixing to the head rest posts of most front car seats. Installation is accomplished by removing the head rest, passing the post through the rings, and then reinstalling the head rest. The opposite end of the straps features QD sling swivels that attach to the RIP-M itself and allow the panel to be removed quickly. The straps are constructed from nylon webbing with triglides so that they are adjustable for length.

You can check out the new Quick Detach Push Button Mounting Straps and RIP-M at Greyman-Tactical.com.

THYRM PyroVault Lighter Armor

THYRM, maker of clever water-proof containers like the CellVault, has turned their attention to everyone’s favorite lighter. Their new PyroVault is a replacement shell for Zippo (and compatible inserts) that takes the beloved flint and striker butane lighters to the next level.

The polymer PyroVault is o-ring sealed. This keeps water out and butane in. Zippo lighters tend to let all their butane evaporate in about 1-2 weeks but the PyroVault should slow the process of evaporation, making the lighter more likely to be ready when you need it. The cap is spring loaded so it immediately gets out of the way at the push of a button. THYRM also added texture to make the PyroVault easier to strike in nasty conditions and a MOLLE/PALS clip that allows you to keep your lighter handy.

If you like the reliability of the venerable, USA made, flint and striker Zippo insert but hate how it loses fluid, this could be the lighter armor you have been waiting for. Check out the PyroVault at THYRM.com.

Sneak Peek: RMJ Tactical Dragonfly Push Dagger

RMJ Tactical will release a new push dagger, the Dragonfly Push Dagger, at the upcoming Blade Show. The skeletonized design is clearly targeting the concealment market as a trim, lightweight, easy to carry defensive blade. It features a 2.5″ blade which will be legal in most jurisdictions that allow double-edged knives and it is 4.75″ in overall length. It will come standard with a kydex sheath but leather (shown below) will be available as an upgrade.


Photo credit: Rob Orlando

Photo credit: Rob Orlando

Tactikey Takes Evolutionary Step

Tactikey is a simple add-on item for any standard house key that makes it easier to grip for use as a defensive tool. Now the Tactikey is about to move beyond just keys and keychains.

The new V1.1 Ghost Recon is a simple triangular blade made to work specifically with the Tactikey. It is forged by Lost Bison Forge from 80CrV2 steel. They are also developing a low profile sheath that will allow carry on the key ring, in a pocket, or even as a neck knife.

Expect additional details at Blade Show.


Spiritus Systems SENKO Belt

The SENKO Belt is a new, non-reinforced belt from Spiritus Systems. If you are looking for a belt that is beefy enough to support a holster but not so stiff as to be uncomfortable for all day wear, this could be an option.

The SENKO features a low profile metal buckle that allows very fine adjustment. It is 1.7″ wide and is available in any color your want as long as its Multicam Black. There are three sizes based on actual waist measurement so be sure to follow sizing recommendations when ordering.

SENKO Belt at SpiritusSystems.com


Everyone should know how to select and tie a number of useful knots. However, sometimes the right hardware can provide a little more speed and convenience than a knot. LoopAliens are like that. These handy little widgets make tasks like tensioning a rope for a tarp tent ridge line much faster to set up and take down. I like the rounded edges on LoopAliens and the fact that they can be purchased in kits, pre-packaged with Dyneema cordage.



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