An Affordable Classic Pen Modernized – the Parker Jotter

I always carry a pen. Usually, it is a Pokka Pen since I can easily drop it in my pocket. However, I also like to have something a bit more substantial and enjoyable to write with most of the time. That means you’ll often find a Parker Jotter with me and you probably need one too.

The Parker Jotter is an absolute classic design that looks at home in any EDC or sitting on any desk. It is also incredibly modern thanks to the fact that it takes standard Parker-style refills which is an incredibly common ink refill format. You can take a Jotter from all-weather “tactical” pen to basic ballpoint to precise gel pen to smooth writing rollerball just by swapping the refill.

I’ll call out one refill that I particularly like because it offers a precise .5mm tip, smooth writing, quick-drying ink, and a fairly large reservoir at a very low price (as low as $2 each). The Ohto Flash Dry refills will drop right into the Jotter and feature a fine tip that I love writing and doodling with. I also appreciate that these refills are lighter weight than metal ballpoint refills which makes the Jotter a very lightweight pen. This is an incredibly useful combination.

I have two Jotters. One that is more modern and made in France. The other is an older one, made sometime before the 1970s and it is still writing. That is impressive for a $13 pen.

You can find Parker pens at many office supply stores locally (wait for a sale) or pick them up at Amazon:

One Response to An Affordable Classic Pen Modernized – the Parker Jotter

  1. tirod3 April 19, 2024 at 16:25 #

    The Parker Jotter is an old school favorite, when I was looking for something like it, they were still high end – especially the grid pattern in silver . . .

    That was about the time (2010?) that online modders discovered the Zebra pens could be changed up with the all metal top mated to the stainless bottom – which I did, cost about $11then. Now, it’s the Zebra F 701 and Walmart was retailing them for $5 and change, office suppliers still are. I still have my old one with some plier marks on the click cap, and a new. The barrel has fine checkering which I have found superior to rubber (won’t swell) or slick Jotters (Cheetos don’t help.)

    Try one out.

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