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Best Tactical & Outdoor Gifts – Proven Arms & Outfitters

ABERDEEN,N.C. – (December 2018)- Proven Arms & Outfitters is excited to announce more holiday savings!  Whether you are shopping for yourself or that special tactical/outdoor someone, Proven Arms& Outfitters (PAO) has just the thing! Check out the vast assortment of AR15 parts and components from Geissele, Aero Precision, Magpul, Anderson, and many other popular manufacturers.  Tactical bags, packs, and firearm cases are always a great gift, and there are plenty in-stock from FirstTactical, 5.11 Tactical, Blue Force Gear, Pelican, and many other great brands.

Don’t miss PAO’s current special on Sig Sauer P320s!  Buy a full-size P320 and get a BlackPoint Tactical holster for $529.99 or K Rounds holster for $509.99.

Perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays are still available:

•    RE Factor Tactical Body Stacker Tees for $23.50

•    Streamlight Lights, Lanterns, and Headlamps for 45% Off

•    Thyrm Products for $17.59 to 26.39

•    Smith & Wesson M&P Mags 3 for $78.00

•    Magpul PMAGS on sale – 30 round for $8.99, 40 round for $14.99 and 60 round for $94.99

Each store location has a full assortment of ammo from Hornady, Sig Sauer, Federaland more at low prices.  Ammunition is only available in store; we do not ship ammo.

ProvenArms & Outfitters is proud to have a large variety of QualifiedProfessional Programs where law enforcement, military, first responders andmore can purchase firearms and essential gear at deep discounts.  PAO holds programs with SureFire, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, FN America, Springfield Armory, Berretta, and IWI.  For more information on Proven Arms & Outfitters programs, visit ProvenOutfitters.com/Programs or call a store near you.

Check out our stores in Tacoma, WA and Woodbridge, VA or shop online here.

Stay tuned and look forward to more exciting announcements coming from Proven Arms & Outfitters soon! 

About Proven Arms & Outfitters:

ProvenArms & Outfitters is a leading supplier of apparel, tactical gear, outdoor gear, optics, every day carry products and firearms to Enthusiasts, LawEnforcement, First Responders, and Military professionals. We have the PROVEN selection of products designed to help you perform at your peak.  For a complete and current outfit for your weapon, build out existing kit, or gear up for your next adventure, choose us for our practical knowledge, experience, extensive selection, and exceptional customer service.  Visit one of our two Proven Arms & Outfitters locations, find us on the web at ProvenOutfitters.com, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram @Proven_AO, and Twitter @Proven_AO


Glock 43 Slide Plate – New from Tyrant Designs CNC

The new Glock 43 Slide Plate from Tyrant Design is now available. This machined aluminum plate features a bold chevron design that matches other Tyrant Designs G43 accessories and is available in a variety of colors.

The new slide plate is available for purchase separately or as part of a three piece set that includes the Tyrant magazine release, magazines extension, and the slide plate. Check out TyrantCNC.com.


Gift Ideas and Discounts at Tactical Works

Tactical Works has plenty of great gift ideas and some extra discounts leading into the holidays. They just released their Gift Guide Newsletter with ideas at a variety of prices. The newsletter includes some coupon codes and Christmas shipping cut-off date information which all the last minute shoppers will want to keep in mind.

Click to View the Tactical Works Newsletter



Ivory Holsters Collaborates with Exo Mountain Gear on EMG Pack Holster

This is a very cool collaboration. Ivory Holsters has been working with Exo Mountain Gear (EMG) to develop a holster specifically designed for use on backpack hip belts. The EMG Pack Holster is deigned to ride very close to the pack belt when using Quick Clips (optional). While this holster is designed with and for EMG packs, it should also work on other similar pack belts.



Zulu Bravo Obscure Series G-10 Knives

Zulu Bravo’s new Obscure series of G-10 Knives have a few immediately noticeable advantages over many other non-metallic knives on the market. First, they come with a very good sheath. Second, the provided sheath is also non-metallic. These items are important because the Obscure series knives are sharp enough to cut and really require a sheath and strangely, many non-metallic knives come with sheaths that contain metal eyelets.

The Obscure series consists of 3 models. The “Fruit Peeler” version draws obvious inspiration from the Victorinox paring knives that have become popular complete with indexing groove. The “Sharpfinger Pikal” is based on Zulu Bravo’s modified Schrade Sharpfinger knives and comes with a resin soaked wrapped handle. Finally, the “Mini Koh” is an extremely slim and compact offering with a textured handle. All three versions .25″ thick G-10.

You can read more about these non-metallic knives at Zulu Bravo: Obscure Series at ZuluBravoKydex.com


Praetor Pocketblade from Ronin Energetics

There have been a number of knives targeted at the EDC market that make use of disposable utility knives. Typically, they feature some kind of folding or sliding mechanism that allows the blade to be stowed safely. The new Ronin Energetics Praetor Pocketblade, with its fixed blade design, seems to be an entirely new idea when it comes to these utility blade based EDC knives.

The Praetor Pocketblade is, in its most basic form, a holder for a disposable utility blade. The design appears to harken back to designs like the Perrin La Griffe to offer solid grip and retention. The materials are also very modern with the blade holder being machined from a solid piece of carbon fiber or G-10 composite for both rigidity and light weight.

The Praetor Pocketblade does not fold, so Ronin Energetics has devised two ways of carrying it safely. The first option is a locking belt sheath that matches the modern design of the blade holder. The sheath retains the blade via magnets. They also have a more simple magnetic blade guard that simply covers the edge of the utility blade.

There is obviously of lot of details that I am glossing over. You can read much more about the Praetor Pocketblade on the Kickstarter Campaign Page (where it has already more than doubled its funding goal): Praetor Pocketblade on Kickstarter


TacBeltz Pull Pouch

The TacBeltz Pull Pouch is designed to carry items like multitools, flashlights, and magazines. As the name suggests, the belt mounted Pull Pouch has a clever design that lifts the contents of the pouch as the user pulls the flap, making the contents easier to grasp. The full coverage, hook and look secured flap provides good retention, while the pull-to-lift flap ensures fast, fumble-free retrieval.

The pouches are made from the same durable scuba webbing that TacBeltz uses on their belts. They are available in two sizes and multiple colors.



Killdozer Patch from Stickthison.com

Are you a DIY, up-armored bulldozer enthusiast? Does the thought of someone blocking your driveway make your blood boil? Do you like collecting funny morale patches? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you’ll probably love the new Killdozer Patch from Stickthison.com.

Killdozers don’t fit in standard sized Christmas stockings… but Killdozer Patches do!



Kit Badger Ambush Targets V2.0

Kit Badger’s Ambush Targets V2.0 (KBAT 2.0) are now available. These targets are visually similar to the original KBAT with the important difference that the V2.0 is represented with a side profile.

Everything that made the original KBAT a good target is still intact. They can still be printed on standard 8.5×11″ paper. The KBAT V2.0 maintains the heavy outline for the main target area and the lightly rendered anatomy reference lines so they they essentially disappear when viewed from a slight distance.

Kit Badger offers these targets as free printable resources: KBAT 2.0 on KitBadger.com


Bastion Crowdfunding Newest Version of Braza EDC – The Braza Bro Cleaver

You may have noticed that cleaver style blades are in right now. These mostly straight edged knives have a striking appearance and happen to be very well suited to EDC cutting tasks. It also happens to be a blade style that looks great in Bastion’s popular Braza family of knives.

Bastion is currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign for the new Braza Bro Cleaver. It would be a bit of an understatement to say that it has been a successful campaign so far considering they have blown away their $5000 funding goal.

This tiny flipper knife delivers a lot at its sub-$40 price (depending on options). It is available with a number of options including stainless or titanium handles and a D2 or S35VN steel blade. The blade rides on ceramic ball bearings to provide easy opening via the flipper. The pocket clip is reversible for either left or right side tip up carry.

You can read more on the campaign page: Braza Bro Cleaver on Kickstarter


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