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TIHK Escape Stick

TIHK first came to prominence with their namesake product, the Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key. Since that time, they have continued to develop other clever and compact products designed to escape illegal restraint. Their latest product, the Escape Stick, is now available.

Part of what separates TIHK products from other products aimed at the same market is the care that TIHK puts into the design of their products. They seem to realize that not only does a tool like this have to work, it also has to be able to be carried and concealed in a way that makes sense.

The new Escape Stick is a great example of that. The tools are important and useful – a handcuff key, a rod saw, and thin metal saw. However, the form factor is just as important. This slim tool is just 3″ long with a 3/8″ diameter and most of the tool is encapsulated with a rubber tube. This design allows it to be concealed almost anywhere – even against the skin of the user.

Escape Stick at TIHK.co


Magpul PMAG Quad Stack… It Just Wasn’t Meant to Be

Magpul has been profiling various important magazines that have shaped the development of the PMAG on their Facebook page as part of the recognition of the venerable polymer magazine’s 10th year in production. Today, they showed a picture of their Quad Stack prototype magazine that is sure to make shooter’s hearts race just a little.

Those of you who have been following PMAGs from the start will know that this quad stack mag was no secret and many had their fingers crossed that Magpul would be able to figure out how to bring it to market. The caption posted with today’s picture may be the final nail in the coffin for those of you still holding out hope for a Quad Stack PMAG – at least we have the D60!

Quad Mag Prototype, 60-Round Capacity 2009
Shortly after the introduction of the original PMAG, Magpul began working on increased capacity solutions. The “Quad” or “Coffin” mag concept never delivered the reliability in rough handling and adverse conditions that we require from our magazine products, and so the design never made it into production. Lessons learned during this program eventually fed into the D-60 program. #MAGPUL #PMAG10YEARS #MAGMONDAY #PMAG


The EDC Tool Roll: Channellock 424 and Tekton 37521

The EDC Tool Roll is a feature on Jerking the Trigger in which we profile various every day carry worthy tools. The tools shown aren’t multi-tools but rather real tools, that by virtue of their compact size, light weight, usefulness, or unique functionality, can find a place in any range kit, emergency kit, or every day carry bag.

Feel free to comment on the tools that you carry so we can all learn! The discussion on these posts has been very valuable so far.

This week’s installment of the The EDC Tool Roll was supposed to feature the Channellock 424 4.5″ Pliers but a last minute challenger emerged, the Tekton 375215 5″ Pliers, that is similar enough to feature them both at the same time. Thank you to reader Tim S. for the recommendation on the Tektons!

Both the Channellock 424 and Tekton 37521 are made in the USA, both carry lifetime warranties, and both are adjustable tongue and groove pliers with similarly shaped jaws. The Channellocks will set you back about $10-12 and the Tektons cost a little less at $8-9. The Tektons are slight larger anyway you measure them and have an adjustable pivot unlike the Channellocks.

I have been a Channellock user as long as I have been a tool user but, of these two pliers, I prefer the Tekton. It’s slightly longer and wider handle is more comfortable. It’s jaws are slightly larger and the teeth are set to work with the direction of force. Best of all, the adjustable pivot means I can adjust for the slop that will inevitably develop with pliers like these.

I’ve used both of these pliers in my range bag and EDC kit for all kinds of things. They can be used for the intended purpose but I have also used them for pulling webbing through a tight triglide, holding a peel washer while I heat it with a lighter during a muzzle device installation, and setting the initial tightness of MLOK nuts.

Either of these pliers could be a more affordably priced alternative to the Knipex Cobras that we profiled previously though neither will truly measure up. If you want the absolute smallest and lightest option, the Channellock 424 may suit you. However, the Tekton 37521 is only slightly larger but much more usable in my opinion.

Where to buy: Channellock tools are carried at a number of home improvement box stores and smaller hardware stores. The best selections of Tekton tools seem to be found online. I bought my first 424s at a plumbing supply store years ago and the most recent set (shown) at Amazon. I also purchased the Tektons at Amazon.

Channellock 424 on Amazon

Tekton 37521 on Amazon

Alternatives: Irwin and others make 4.5″-5″ pliers that are very similar. My preferred 5″ pliers is the Knipex Cobra that has already been featured. Stay tuned for a side by side comparison of all these options.

Do you have compact adjustable pliers that you prefer? Tell us about it below.



It’s time to start carving out some time for PAUL-E-PALOOZA 2017 – the annual training conference to benefit the children of the late Paul E. Gomez. As usual, this year’s instructor roster is stacked and the topics will be many and varied.

So far, the instructor list looks like this:

  • Dr. Sherman House- The People’s Dentist and Medical Director of Paul-E-Palooza
  • William Aprill- Aprill Risk Consulting, ShivWorks Collective, and Training Director of Paul-E-Palooza
  • Cecil Burch- Immediate Action Combatives and ShivWorks Collective
  • Paul Sharp- Sharp Defense and ShivWorks Collective
  • Chris Fry- Modern Defensive Training Systems and ShivWorks Collective
  • Larry Lindenman- Point-Driven Training and ShivWorks Collective
  • Tom Givens- Rangemaster Firearms Training
  • Jerry Wetzel- Red Zone Threat Management
  • Robert Follis- Extreme Couture MMA
  • Caleb Causey- Lone Star Medics
  • Rob Pincus- Combat Focus Shooting and Personal Defense Network
  • Dr. Lauren Pugliese- Active Response Training
  • Greg Ellifritz- Active Response Training
  • John Hearne- Rangemaster and DVC Targets
  • Ian Wendt- Special Circumstances
  • Morgan Atwood- BFE Labs
  • Chuck Haggard- Agile/Training and Consulting
  • Andrew Branca- Law of Self Defense
  • Eli Miller- Direct Pressure, LLC and Oinkin’ Acres Farmstead
  • “Operator X”- We Could Tell You But Then We’d Have To Kill You
  • Nathan Stokes- Advantage Group Training
  • Pam Benzing- Nunya Bidness
  • Paul Carlson- Safety Solutions Academy

You can learn more by visiting the event website: PAUL-E-PALOOZA 2017


KA-BAR TDI Shark Bite

KA-BAR’s newest addition to the TDI line is likely it’s most discreet. The new Shark Bit has the familiar angled blade to handle relationship for which the rest of the TDI knives are known. However, unlike previous offerings, the Shark Bit is made completely of polymer – Ultramid® to be specific. The knife and sheath are completely non-metallic except for the included ball chain neck lanyard which does not have to be used.

The sheath is worth pointing out in some detail. Many manufacturers make non-metalic knives and then use metal eyelets or clips in the sheath which, of course, defeats the purpose of a non-metallic knife. The sheath KA-BAR includes with the Shark Bite appears to be truly non-metalic and features enough attachment points to allow for a variety of carry methods.

The blade is 2.625” long (legal in most jurisdictions) and the overall length is 5.125”. It weighs under 2.5 ounces and is made in the USA.

Check out the TDI Shark Bite at KA-BAR.


$359.99 Complete Upper Deal – Today Only at Aero Precision

Aero Precision is offering a very attractive deal on a complete upper receiver. $360 buys a complete upper with charging handle, hand guards, and BCG today only. Check it out at AeroPrecision.com.

  • Upper: Standard AR15 Upper Receiver
  • Barrel: 16″ 5.56 CMV Mid-Length Barrel w/ Pinned FSB, 1/7 twist, Black Nitride
  • Handguard: M4 Style Handguard
  • Gas System: Mid-Length Gas System
  • Muzzle Device: Standard A2 Flash Hider
  • This complete upper WILL include a BCG and Charging Handle.

Vickers Tactical Grip Plug / Take Down Tool For Gen 4 Glocks

The collaboration between TangoDown and Larry Vickers has been good for Glock shooters. They just released the details of their latest Glock accessory…

TangoDown is pleased to announce the release of the Gen 4 Glock™ Grip Plug / Take Down Tool (GGT-02). The GGT-02 offers all the same functions as its predecessor for the Glock™ Gen 3 models. Carefully designed to accommodate factory back-straps, or not, depending on shooter preference. Just select the appropriate tool & go. The package includes (2) tools & (1) plug. Installation is quick & simple, snap fit for easy tool access.

The GGT-02 accommodates the following Gen 4 Glock™ models only: 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35

MSRP: $17.95

Color Options: Black, Glock Tan, Gray

Visit: https://tangodown.com/shop/vickers-tactical-grip-plugtakedown-tool-for-gen4-glock-ggt-02/ for more information on the GGT-02.

Customer questions: sales@tangodown.com


Custom Vickers Padded Slings from Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear rolled out their new custom configurator tool for Vickers Slings a few weeks ago and it has been a hit. The only problem was that if you wanted a padded sling, you were left out in the cold… until now. Blue Force Gear just announced their custom sling builder for Vickers Padded Slings!


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