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Don’t Give Up on a Holster Until You Have Done Your Part

A reader recently emailed me looking for a recommendation on a holster. He was looking to replace a holster that wasn’t working for him. It was not a holster that I have personally used but it had many features common to kydex inside the waistband holsters and looked like a perfectly acceptable holster to me.

He was having problems with how the holster concealed and its stability on his belt. I struggled to come up with a recommendation for a new holster because any holster I could come up with had a similar feature set to the one he was trying to replace. We decided to try to a few things to correct the issues he was having with his current holster. Fortunately, that approach worked. All he really needed to do was make his belt loops smaller to match his belt.

Many modern holsters offer quite a bit of adjustment to the end user. “Adjustment” may not even be the right word because it sounds optional. You can think of it more as “fitting” because holsters are designed to work for a wide range of shooters and really need to be fit to the individual. Adjustments like ride height, cant, belt loop size, number of clips, and types of belt hardware all come to bear on how well a holster works for a particular shooter.

Like most great holsters, the Henry Holsters AIWB is even better when the loops are matched to belt size.

Belt Hardware Size

Open a new tab in your browser and head over to Instagram. Search “holster” and check out #holster. Now, look at the top ten holster pics with pull-the-dot style soft belt hardware in your feed. I’ll wait… When I did this, none of the 10 pictures showed any evidence of the belt straps having been trimmed to fit a belt. Either there are a lot of people using IWB kydex holsters on 1.75-2″ wide belts (doubtful considering many belt loops won’t even fit belts that wide) or most people just never take the time to trim their belt loops to fit their 1.25″ and 1.5″ belts.

Matching your belt hardware size to the size of your belt is like an instant upgrade for a holster. It should probably be the first thing your do when you receive a new holster because it has tremendous influence on several attributes of the holster and other adjustments. It improves the stability of the holster on the belt reducing wobble, tilt, and sliding. It ensures that the kydex releases the handgun properly. It helps make devices like struts/claws work consistently to turn the butt of the handgun in toward the wearer.

You may have to either purchase new belt hardware or resize your current belt hardware to make this happen. If you do replace/adjust your belt hardware, check to make sure that things like claws/struts are still engaging your belt effectively as sometimes reducing belt loop size effectively raises the ride height. You may need to lower your ride height slightly to accommodate the change. If you are adjusting the size of the common black coated nylon soft loops, consider trimming the excess loop off once you have tested your adjustment so the ends don’t interfere with establishing a full firing grip.


I tend to prefer quality holsters WITHOUT adjustable retention but if my holster has a retention adjustment screw, I make sure to tune it to the tension I prefer. Basically, I tighten the adjustment until I can hold the holster upside-down and give a shake without the handgun falling out. FOLLOW SAFETY RULES WHEN YOU DO THIS!

Some tension adjustment screws tend to back out slightly over time so you may want to add a little thread locking compound to the screw. I have also had a few holsters that tend to lose a little tension with wear so you may want to check your tension periodically.

Ride Height

Ride height can and should be tailored to the wearer and the application for the specific holster. Some may find that they need to lower the ride height on IWB or AIWB holsters to prevent the gun from tilting outward away from the body. I usually set my inside the waist band holsters to sit as low as will still allow a full firing grip to be established directly out of the holster. Some people with higher belt lines may find that extreme high ride holsters are uncomfortable to wear as the gun rides most of the way up their torso. Some OWB holsters will lay tighter against the body simply by tuning the ride height.


The cant of a holster is typically a preference but it can be an important adjustment for some shooters depending on size and the position of the holster on their body. Adding a bit of cant might make a larger gun easier to conceal for a shooter of smaller stature or make the draw stroke easier to deal with for a holster that is located slightly behind the hip.

The Bravo Concealment DOS holsters can be used with 1 or 2 clips depending on user preference.

Number of Clips

Some holsters can be used with either 1 or 2 belt clips. The performance will vary greatly based on this choice. Typically, shooters will find that the holster is perhaps more comfortable with one clip but more stable and concealable with 2 clips though this varies by holster and body type.

If you are going to try to remove a belt clip, make sure your holster is designed to work this way and that you are leaving the correct belt loop installed. Typically, you will want to leave the one located most centrally on the holster.

Type of Clip

If you have a holster that slips off your belt instead of releasing the handgun during the drawstroke, you definitely want to see if you can find new belt hardware. In most cases, you are not limited to the clips provided by the holster maker. Find something that works for you and your belt.

Other Adjustments and Considerations

There are, of course, other adjustments that I haven’t covered here. There are less common adjustments like adjustable claws/struts or items like removable ramps/pads that will have bearing on how aggressively the handgun is turned in toward the wearer. You may also be able to improve your initial grip by trimming a little material off a sweat guard. In some cases, you may even need to remold a kydex holster slightly to better accommodate something like an aftermarket part.

Don’t over look your belt either. Some holsters need belts with certain attributes in order to really shine. Almost every holster on the market will benefit from being worn on a good quality gun belt (click HERE to determine if a belt is stiff enough). Consider belt tension as well. Many AIWB carriers have learned that tighter isn’t always better when it comes to belt tension.

Do Your Part!

Every shooter has that holster box in the corner. You know the one. It’s full of holsters that didn’t work, that were worn out, or that were outgrown as you learned more about what worked for you. If you spend much time shooting, the holster box is unavoidable. However, you can avoid filling the holster box needlessly and prematurely if you take the time to tune your holsters. There’s a good chance that the holster you are using right now could conceal better, be more comfortable, and perform better in general. If you do nothing else, at least match your belt hardware to your belt size (and then post a pic to Instagram so we can fix that mess).

Before you toss another holster in the holster box for poor performance, make sure you have done your part in tuning the holster.


Com Bloc Nightmare Shirt from Russian Roulette Clothing

Russian Roulette Clothing’s newest shirt is available just in time for Halloween. The Com Bloc Nightmare shirt features everyone’s favorite trio of horror film protagonists wielding, you guessed it, com bloc rifles. Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, a PKM, a Dragunov, and a Krinkov all on the same shirt… No self-respecting gun guy would be caught dead in any other shirt on October 31!



Sneak Peek: Zodiac Engineering 1911 Bushing Wrench/Key Hanger

Zodiac Engineering used to make a pretty nifty key hanger that, in addition to hanging your keys in a pocket, could also be used to open bottles and as a 1911 bushing wrench. Now we have word that they are bringing them back which is good news for 1911 shooters and fans of cool widgets everywhere.

They actually make a couple of nifty 1911 bushing wrench multitools so check out ZodiacEng.com to learn more.


AK Gundala Shirts from Kitfox Design Group and Acoustic Attenuation Group

Acoustic Attenuation Group’s new AK Gundala shirts are now available with new designs being added weekly. These shirts were designed by Kitfox Design Group and they look amazing. The intricate designs hide items like AKs and a variety of different magazines in plain sight. What else can you spot in the design?

Check out the shirts: AcousticAttenuationGroup.com

Check out the designer: KitfoxDesignGroup.com


Happy 20th Birthday TOPS Knives

TOPS Knives turns 20 years old today! That represents 20 years of continued relevance in a fickle market, 20 years of American (Idaho to be specific) manufacturing, and 20 years of great knives.


New Pistol Brace Coming to Market – Trinity Force Breach Pistol Brace

Trinity Force will release a new pistol brace called the Breach Pistol Brace. It is designed to clamp onto a 1.25″ diameter pistol buffer tube and features multiple sling attachment slots. Like the Shockwave Blade Pistol Brace, a brace to which this is likely to draw comparisons, the toe of the Breach is very slim in keeping with its purpose as a forearm brace and not a stock.

The Breach Pistol Brace will be available soon. Stay tuned for additional details.




B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. will be participating at the Annual National Guard Association of Washington (NGAW) Industry Day on October 18, 2018. The event will be held at Camp Murray in Tacoma, WA from 0900-1400 in building 80, where B.E. Meyers & Co. will be showcasing their full line of laser and warfighter systems. Attendees are invited to visit the B.E. Meyers & Co. exhibit to see the MAWL® (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser) featuring their patented VCSEL technology; the GLARE® series of Ocular Interruption lasers for Hail and Warning; the IZLID® NIR and SWIR pointers and illuminators; and the BOARS®-M2 modular optic and accessory rail for the M2 series. They will also be displaying their full catalog of Flash Suppression Solutions.

To schedule a meeting with the B.E. Meyers & Co. Team at NGAW Industry Day, please contact info@bemeyers.com.


Chase Tactical Launches New Website

Bozeman, MT – Chase Tactical is excited to announce the launch of their new website.  After years of being known as a distributor, Chase Tactical has moved into manufacturing their own premium line of Chase Tactical branded nylon products.  The new product line will include Plate Carriers, Ammo Pouches, Utility Pouches, Bags and Packs and will complement the Company’s existing lines of Ballistic Armor.  Chase Tactical has been rolling out their new products over the last few weeks which are being made with 100% USA Made Mil-Spec Materials, IR Webbing and other premium components that customers would expect from Chase Tactical.  A Berry Compliant version of most products will be offered along with having a TAA Compliant line as well.  There will be no changes to Chase Tactical’s Ballistic Armor line which remains 100% Made in USA and Berry Compliant.

View the new website here: www.ChaseTactical.com


Strike Industries S3 Sling PRO

The S3 Sling PRO is essentially a padded version of the S3 Sling previously offered by Strike Industries. This sling boasts the ability to transition from a 2 point sling to a single point sling via YKK Hamerloc side release buckles. The female buckle used to join the sling into a loop in single point mode is stabilized by an elastic webbing strap. The S3 Sling PRO also features a wide elastic tube for storing a tourniquet on the sling itself. The length is adjustable via a ladder adjuster with pull cord. The S3 Sling PRO attaches via 4″ paracord loops.



CDM Gear SL Wave Safety for Mossberg Shotguns

CDM Gear just released details of the third safety in their patented Wave series of safeties. The original Delta Wave safety was their largest offering, followed by the BT Wave which is slightly more compact than the Delta Wave. The new SL Wave is their slimmest, most compact Wave safety yet.

Previous Wave safeties extended to the sides and back toward the grip area in order to make it easier for the shooter to reach the safety without shifting their firing grip. The new SL Wave has a similar width to the OEM safety but extends back. The result is a compact safety that can still be reached without shifting the firing grip.



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