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The Little Things: L.A.G. Tactical Defender

How do you set yourself apart from your competition? Pay attention to the little things. I am fascinated by the small details that designers build into their products. Often, these features are so subtle that you may never notice them in an overt way but they are there none the less, improving functionality and setting apart one product from another.

L.A.G. Tactical’s Defender Holster has a small, barely noticeable feature that can go a long way toward keeping your magazine in the gun where it belongs – especially on models with ambidextrous magazine release buttons like the Sig P320. They contour the edge of the holster very subtly to cover the magazine button. If they covered it entirely, the holster could prevent a firm firing grip from being established during the draw. Instead, they cover it just enough to protect the button.

LAG Tactical Defender P320

Alternate Use for BFG Baton Belt Pouch

I have come to like Blue Force Gear’s Belt Pouches quite a bit. They are the culmination of several of the technologies that BFG introduced to the tactical gear world and, because of their versatile design, I have found all kinds of unintended uses for them.

The Belt Pouches make use of their Helium Whisper backing which is laser cut ULTRAcomp material which keeps the weight to an absolute minimum while increasing durability. ULTRAcomp’s rubbery texture also serves to increase the retention of the pouch by increasing friction on the contents. The BFG Belt Pouches also utilize heavy duty elastic front panels known at BFG as Ten-Speed. These features combine to make a pouch that is low profile, lightweight, and that will hold just about anything you can wedge into them no matter how awkwardly shaped that item may be.

bfg 10 speed belt pouches

The BFG Baton Belt Pouch is designed to carry a collapsible baton but I have found that it fits many tourniquets like it was made for them. Some people try to do the same thing with pistol magazine pouches. That may work with some tourniquets but the additional height of the Baton Belt Pouch allow me to fold and stage a CAT the way I prefer and store it extremely securely. It takes a few minutes to cram it into the pouch and that is a good thing. It’s a tight fit. The pouch holds it tenaciously but a quick tug lets the TQ leap into your hand.

I have taken to keeping one staged just as you see in the picture above so that I can easily throw it on my belt when I go out to the range. Having your medical gear staged, accessible, and easy to don is the key to having it available when you need it.

Note: For the curious, the above picture is the kit I often use at the range. This kit is close to everything I need and it saves me time because I can wear it to and from the range under a covering garment so I don’t look like a ninja out in public. Pictured: BFG Baton Belt Pouch, BFG Belt Dump Pouch, LAG Tactical Battle Buddy

LAG Tactical Competition Gear

LAG Tactical has introduced a new line of competition oriented kydex gear. The line includes the CPMC (Competition Pistol Mag Carrier), CRMC (Competition Rifle Mag Carrier), and The Super ‘Nova Holster.


In fitting with their competition roots, the CPMC and CRMC have a ton of adjustment to their mounting angles built in. This allows the user to place them on their belt in any orientation they wish.

The Super ‘Nova Holster was designed in conjunction with noted pro 3 Gunners, James Casanova and Janna Reeves. It is compatible with a number of different belt hardware options and is available in 3 different cuts based on the shooter’s preference.

Check out the new competition line at LAG Tactical.

IMG_5262_Edit__96100.1438753503.1280.1280 IMG_5221_Edit__01315.1438750647.1280.1280

Exclusive JTT Discount at LAG Tactical

I have been using LAG Tactical kydex products for a few years now and they have never let me down. Most recently, I ordered one of their new Battle Buddy magazines carriers that I am looking forward to putting through its paces.

They have extended an exclusive 10% discount to Trigger Jerks. Just use code JTT10 at checkout. Visit LAG Tactical.

LAG Tactical Battle Buddy

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