LAG Tactical Competition Gear

LAG Tactical has introduced a new line of competition oriented kydex gear. The line includes the CPMC (Competition Pistol Mag Carrier), CRMC (Competition Rifle Mag Carrier), and The Super ‘Nova Holster.


In fitting with their competition roots, the CPMC and CRMC have a ton of adjustment to their mounting angles built in. This allows the user to place them on their belt in any orientation they wish.

The Super ‘Nova Holster was designed in conjunction with noted pro 3 Gunners, James Casanova and Janna Reeves. It is compatible with a number of different belt hardware options and is available in 3 different cuts based on the shooter’s preference.

Check out the new competition line at LAG Tactical.

IMG_5262_Edit__96100.1438753503.1280.1280 IMG_5221_Edit__01315.1438750647.1280.1280

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