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LAG Tactical Battle Buddy

The LAG Tactical Battle Buddy is now available. The Battle Buddy is a magazine carrier designed to hold (and conceal if necessary) a handgun and rifle magazine. Like most LAG Tactical products, it is available with a staggering number of options up to and including how aggressive you want the rig to retain the magazines. It also features LAG Tactical’s trademark flared opening.

LAG Tactical Battle Buddy

There are a number of handgun magazine options available. Several common AR-15 magazines, the SCAR 17, and 7.62 PMAGs are available for the rifle magazine pouch.

Check out the Battle Buddy at LAG Tactical.

The Liberator Holster from L.A.G. Tactical

The Liberator Holster from L.A.G. Tactical is a value minded holster with solid features and a great name. It is named for the FP-45 Liberator Pistols from WWII which were designed to be inexpensive and easy to manufacture so that they could be distributed to resistance forces in occupied territory.

The Liberator Holster from L.A.G. Tactical is also designed to be inexpensive but unlike it’s name sake, it doesn’t look like a crude stamping. These holsters will retail for less than $40 but still manage to pack in features like an ambidextrous design that is convertible from IWB to OWB. They are available with your choice of vertical or a slight cant and a variety of colors.

Check out the Liberator Holster from L.A.G. Tactical.


Exclusive Discount at LAG Tactical

I have really come to appreciate LAG Tactical for their good quality Kydex holsters and quick turn-around times. My previously reviewed LAG Tactical Warrior holster is still going strong and see regular use. If you are looking for some quality Kydex before the summer training season goes into full swing, you are in luck. JTT reader can use code JTT20 to save 20% on your LAG Tactical order!

Check out LAG Tactical and use code JTT20.

LAG Tactical Warrior

LAG Tactical Holsters for the Recover 1911 Grip and Rail

I recently covered the release of the Recover Tactical Recover Grip and Rail for the 1911. It used to be that when something like this came to the market, you had to sort of sit back and wait to see if holster makers would support it. That process happens much faster now with the proliferation of Kydex benders around the country and the internet to keep everyone in the loop.

LAG Tactical has already stepped up to offer holsters for the Recover Grip and Rail. I have been using one of their holsters for quite a while now and I am very pleased with it. I think it is pretty cool how quickly the gun world moves these days.

LAG Tactical Recover 2 LAG Tactical Recover 1

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