Review: LAG Tactical Warrior Holster and Single Pistol Mag Carrier

Many of the Kydex holsters that are available today are fairly similar so it takes something unique to stand out from the crowd. In an industry where you wait for 8 weeks or more to receive a holster from the hottest Kydex benders, LAG Tactical’s business model certainly helped them stand out to me.

LAG Tactical Warrior and Mag Carrier

About LAG Tactical

LAG Tactical does business a bit differently than other Kydex benders I have dealt with in that they keep a large inventory on hand. This is possible in part due to the fact that they keep two lines of Kydex moving at all times. One is a production line that is extremely functional but without some of the hand finished touches. These are available through various retail outlets. The other line, available directly from LAG Tactical via their website, is a custom line. This line picks up where the production line leaves off, providing a truly hand finished holster.

The result of having both lines side by side is that they aren’t waiting for your order to make a holster. Chances are, they already have what you want made up, ready to hand finish, and send to you in as little as 1-2 business days (guaranteed in less than 2 weeks). As someone who has dealt with the extremely long wait times that are typical in the Kydex holster industry, this is what initially sparked my interest in LAG Tactical.

LAG Tactical Warrior LAG Tactical Warrior Back

About the Gear

I have been using LAG Tactical’s Warrior Light Bearing Holster and Single Pistol Mag Carrier extensively now for several months and I am very pleased. The positive experience started when I had my holster and mag pouch in hand in about 1 week. I am not special. Most of their orders ship in as little 1-2 days.

Warrior Light Bearing Holster

The Warrior Light Bearing Holster is a typical 2-piece pancake design. The two pieces of .060” Kydex (a .093″ thick version is available too) are joined with eyelets with a spacing pattern that allows you to mount various types of belt hardware and adjust for cant and ride height. LAG Tactical carries hardware to allow you to use this holster inside or outside the waistband.

The fit and finish on this holster is excellent. The edges have the closest to flawless hand finishing that I have seen on a Kydex holster. The eyelets are well set without any flattening or breakage. There are no shiny spots to indicate over-heating during the molding process and no lightened spots to indicate the Kydex wasn’t hot enough when pressed. My Glock 19 with Surefire X300 can be installed and removed easily with very good retention, no rattle, and a solid “click” when it nestles into place.

LAG Tactical Warrior Flare

I like holsters that retain the handgun in one place only – on the trigger guard or on the light as is case here. I can see that LAG Tactical went to great pains to block off the their mold so that this would be the case. The result is a perfect click in and click out without all the drag associated with a holster that is trying to grab every little ripple, ridge, and depression on the gun it was molded too. This holster is SMOOTH. The only issue is that whatever they used to block off the mold doesn’t leave the neatest appearance in the mold lines on the holster. This is purely aesthetic but worth mentioning in a market where tightly defined mold lines are often seen as a sign of quality. LAG Tactical does everything right in regards to molding, it just doesn’t look as clean as it could with a dedicated mold tool being used to block off the light. Let me repeat that this holster is perfect functionally so I am really picking nits here.

The hardware that LAG Tactical offers for both their IWB and OWB attachments is thick, bent Kydex. While it has held up fine for the last several months, I have not had the best luck with this type of hardware in the past. It can start to become brittle at the bends. I would like to see them go to a molded hardware solution for some extra peace of mind. Again, the hardware that came with the holster is still going strong and performing well. This is just a suggestion based on past experience.

One thing that I have really come to like quite a bit is the flared edge on the holster’s opening. LAG Tactical does this with all their Kydex gear including the single mag carrier that I will mention later and it serves as a sort of funnel to make reholstering or retaining a magazine easy. I was initially concerned that it would make hooking the rear sight on the edge of the holster more difficult but that isn’t the case and in fact it may actually be a bit easier. This funnel is a signature of LAG Tactical. It sets them apart and it is very functional.

LAG Tactical Mag Carrier LAG Tactical Back

Single Pistol Mag Carrier

I don’t have a lot to say about the Single Pistol Mag Carrier other than it works and it has become my go to magazine pouch in large part because of the previously mentioned flared opening that makes inserting a magazine so easy. That is handy when you are reaching under your covering garment blind to try to retain a partially depleted magazine.

It rides very close to the body and provides very good retention of the magazine. It also displays the excellent attention to fit and finish seen in the Warrior Holster and uses the same OWB hardware. I ordered the carrier for a G17 magazine and it is a great height to accommodate G19 magazines as well.

Many of these mag carriers are pretty much the same. The flared opening is just enough of a functional improvement to make this one the best of those that I have tried.

LAG Tactical Mag Carrier Flare

Wrap Up

Between the short lead times, the excellent hand finishing, the clever flared openings, and the effort spent on ensuring proper retention, it is easy to recommend LAG Tactical’s holsters and gear. If you don’t have 2 months to wait for your Kydex gear, look up LAG Tactical.

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