Designated Hitter

If you shoot long enough, you are going to need the services of a gunsmith sooner or later and a good gunsmith can be hard to find. All you can do is shop by reputation and hope for the best.


When it comes to reputation, Kino L. Davis of Designated Hitter is not lacking. That name should probably sound familiar to you because Kino is the very definition of a SME (subject matter expert) when it comes to building and repairing hard use service weapons. The “Kino” configuration is his brain child and namesake, he was Operations Manager at Vltor, he has worked with notable industry players like Proto Tactical, and those are just a few of the feathers in his SME cap.

Kino has started Designated Hitter to be a full service gunsmith and hard use weapon builder. You are going to start to see all kinds of cool firearms and services coming out his shop. Designated Hitter is ready to handle AR-15 builds/repairs/upgrades, Precision Rifle builds/repairs/upgrades, shotgun builds/repairs/upgrades, laser engraving, custom coatings, and more.

Tuck away Designated Hitter’s contact info because everyone needs a go-to gunsmith.

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