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Kino XL Barrels

The pickings are pretty slim when it comes to “dissipator” style AR-15 uppers. However, I recently told you that Designated Hitter, under the direction of Kino Davis, would be selling their own dissipator uppers called the Kino XL. The uppers are not yet available but the barrels are!


Designated Hitter is selling two versions of the Kino XL barrel: a standard 4150 CMV version and a cold hammer forged version. Both feature:

  • 5.56 chamber
  • M4 feed ramps
  • 1 in 7″ twist
  • Manganese Phosphate finish (including under the FSB and gas block)
  • Mid-length gas system
  • 17-4PH stainless steel gas block
  • “F” marked front sight base
  • Fixed hand guard cap (can be removed from your order if you plan to use a free float rail on your build)

If you want a dissipator style AR-15, these are the best barrels you can put your hands on. Check out the Kino XL barrels from Designated Hitter.


Kino XL

Now that Kino Davis has opened up shop at Designated Hitter (click for background on Kino and Designated Hitter), you will start seeing a number of interesting items rolling out. Kino is well known as the originator of the Kino Configuration and a proponent of the “Dissipator” concept.

The Kino configuration consists of a 12.5″ barrel with carbine length gas system and a false FSB/gas block in the mid-length position to allow the use of longer mid-length hand guards and longer sight radius provided by the FSB. It is essentially a shortened Dissipator so it makes good sense that Kino would start building his own full size Dissipators or what he likes to call, the Kino XL.

KinoXL KinoXL_6_Web

For those who may not know, Dissipator uppers usually feature 16″ barrel with a low profile gas block in the carbine or mid-length position and a false FSB/gas block in the rifle length gas position to allow the use of longer rifle length hand guards and longer sight radius provided by the FSB. It is a great way to configure an upper but it can be hard to find Dissipators that aren’t junk.

The new Kino XL uppers will feature a hammer forged, chrome lined barrel with a 1:7 twist. The barrel will have a custom profile that looks like a government profile barrel but is slightly lighter. The user will be able to spec various options like a Vltor MUR or standard forged upper, muzzle device, and hand guards. These uppers will be hand built by Kino himself and features details like a set screw that threads into the FSB to prevent the hand guard cap from spinning.

These uppers and others including true Kino Uppers will be available soon at Designated Hitter.

KinoXL_1_Web KinoXL_8_Web

Designated Hitter

If you shoot long enough, you are going to need the services of a gunsmith sooner or later and a good gunsmith can be hard to find. All you can do is shop by reputation and hope for the best.


When it comes to reputation, Kino L. Davis of Designated Hitter is not lacking. That name should probably sound familiar to you because Kino is the very definition of a SME (subject matter expert) when it comes to building and repairing hard use service weapons. The “Kino” configuration is his brain child and namesake, he was Operations Manager at Vltor, he has worked with notable industry players like Proto Tactical, and those are just a few of the feathers in his SME cap.

Kino has started Designated Hitter to be a full service gunsmith and hard use weapon builder. You are going to start to see all kinds of cool firearms and services coming out his shop. Designated Hitter is ready to handle AR-15 builds/repairs/upgrades, Precision Rifle builds/repairs/upgrades, shotgun builds/repairs/upgrades, laser engraving, custom coatings, and more.

Tuck away Designated Hitter’s contact info because everyone needs a go-to gunsmith.


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