Great Gear: Blue Force Gear Dump Belt Pouch

I have been using the Blue Force Gear Dump Belt Pouch for about a year now (I had one before they were available for general sale) and I need to take a moment to sing its praises. The Dump Belt Pouch is the new belt compatible version of Blue Force Gear’s Ten-Speed Ultralight Dump Pouch. The only real difference is that the Dump Belt Pouch makes use of BFG’s new laser cut One-Wrap belt mounting system rather than a MOLLE compatible backing. It has the same ultralight nylon pouch material, the same easy to access grab tab, and the same super compact form factor thanks to the Ten-Speed elastic front panel. This is one of those cases where form and function come together in a really neat way.


The pouch is so compact (smaller than a pack of cigarettes) and mounts to the belt so easily, that you will find yourself using it in new ways. I especially like it for when I am practicing with my handgun in normal concealment clothes because it is small enough that it doesn’t change anything on my belt. It certainly works well to hold magazines in various states of depletion but I have also used it to gather golf balls that were hit into the woods behind out home, carry water bottles while hiking, keep small tools nearby while I work, gathering tinder for a fire, pick brass on the range, pick pine needles and pine tips for tea, and probably other uses that I have forgotten.


It’s like the compact size of the pouch and the new belt mounting system turns it into something even more versatile than a typical dump pouch. It is more handy because I am more likely to have it with me. The Dump Belt Pouch is a dump pouch that you will find more uses for because it stays out your way when you aren’t using it.

Check out the Dump Belt Pouch at Blue Force Gear.

4 Responses to Great Gear: Blue Force Gear Dump Belt Pouch

  1. Keith October 15, 2015 at 07:04 #

    I’ve seen these folding dump pouches used in classes I’ve attended and was never too impressed with them. The users always had trouble with the pouches retaining items. They worked fine if the person was able to remain standing and moved slowly but with any aggressive movement, they all (most were that maxpedition folding design) were loose enough around the top that mags fell out.

    How does this design compare with the maxpedition? (i think it was called rolly poly)?


    • Matt October 15, 2015 at 07:51 #

      I really should do a dump pouch post eventually. I have tried most of the common dump pouch types including the folding designs. The problem with them is that most people don’t cinch them closed enough because they want to be able to drop items in quickly. The MM designed RollyPoly really needs to be cinched fairly tightly or, just like you say, the user will leave a yard sale behind them as they move.

      The key that I have found for dump pouches is that they must be mounted above the opening so that they can swing even slightly. The BFG dumpers and those like the CSM Gear design work best for me because they are able to move fairly freely with the magazines. So, instead of the magazines bouncing around inside the semi-rigidly mounted pouch until one finds its way out, the pouch swings and moves with the magazines.

      These works perfectly for me. The swinging may take some getting used to but I have never lost an item from one.

  2. Rugrash October 16, 2015 at 13:24 #

    Can these be mashed down enough to where they are OK for EDC on your belt or are they too bulky?? Just thinking that it might be nice to have one on my belt if they don’t take up too much room.

    • Matt October 16, 2015 at 13:30 #

      You could absolutely EDC one. They are smaller than a deck of cards when compacted.

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