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ESEE C-Steel

Feast your eyes on the latest survival widget from the gurus at ESEE. This is the C-Steel.

ESEE c-steel

The C-Steel is a striker to be used with true flint and it has a bow drill pivot. That is two ways to make fire with just one device (in case you weren’t counting). Jeff Randall of ESEE says it should makes a pretty decent bottle opener too which is handy because you will probably want some liquid refreshment to enjoy with that fire you just built.

Check out ESEEKnives.com and track the C-Steel’s progress on the ESEE Forum.

Review: Men’s Toy Shop – Nashville, IN

There is more than just fried biscuits and apple butter in Nashville, Indiana!

Mens Toy Shop

Nashville is kind of like Indiana’s version of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It is a small resort town that is thick with gift shops, local craftsmen, and artist galleries. It is the kind of place that husbands usually dread spending the weekend but endure for the sake of their wives. Thankfully, Men’s Toy Shop is waiting right there on Van Buren Street, the main drag through town, shining like a beacon of manliness and an oasis for weary, shopping battered men.

When you walk into the shop, you are immediately greeted with the rich smell of hundreds of premium cigars and the pipe tobacco varieties that they carry. I don’t know much about pipes and cigars but I do enjoy them occasionally. I would have paid more attention to the tobacco but I was too busy checking out several glass cases of knives, flashlights, and ammo.

Mens Toy Shop Entry Mens Toy Shop Benchmade, Exotac Mens Toy Shop Pro-Tec

If you read this blog, you will love the inventory at this shop. They carry knives from manufacturers like Pro-Tech, Benchmade, ESEE, Spyderco, TOPS, Zero Tolerance, Calico Forge, and more. They have folders, automatics, fixed blades, and even some butterfly knives. They also had Wise food storage products, premium self defense ammunition, Surefire flashlights and Mil-Spec Monkey patches. They even had Magpul PMAGS and Surefire 60 round magazines at prices that were competitive with online prices.

If all that isn’t enough, they had cool stuff like gun related t-shirts, trench knife letter openers, titanium money clips, cologne that didn’t smell fruity or have words like “sport” in their name, lighters, Col. Conk shaving gear, and more. I am just scratching the surface of what is in this shop. In fact, I have noticed several things in the pictures that I didn’t notice while I was there! This is the kind of shop that you can lose yourself in for an hour before you even realize it.

Mens Toy Shop Cigars Mens Toy Shop CRKT, Kershaw, Spyderco Mens Toy Shop TOPS, ESEE, ZT, Surefire

I found the idea of tobacco shop combined with a knife/gear shop almost irresistible. The folks behind the counter were as friendly and helpful as can be, the merchandise was awesome, and the prices were competitive. There are so many shops that carry junk knives in Nashville. It was truly refreshing to drop into Men’s Toy Shop and see a range of quality knives. I had an absolute blast and highly suggest that you stop into Men’s Toy Shop if you find yourself anywhere near Nashville, IN.

Check out the Men’s Toy Shop website and Facebook Page.

Mens Toy Shop ZT Knives, Wise Food Mens Toy Shop Pipe Tobacco Mens Toy Shop T-Shirts

ESEE Izula-II – Deal of the Week at BladeHQ

Blade HQ Izula-II DOTW

The ESEE Izula-II with accessory kit is the Deal of the Week at BladeHQ. I haven’t reviewed the Izula-II but I probably should because I own a few of them that I use for a number of different purposes. These knives make great EDC fixed blades, they are right at home mounted to a battle belt or plate carrier, and they are all the knife you need to dress out game as large as a whitetail deer (and maybe larger). The Izula-II can do just about everything well.

Check out the ESEE Izula-II Deal of the Week at BladeHQ.

ESEE Knives Rite in the Rain Survival/Navigation Notebook Now Available

They’re finally here! The 3″x5″¬†ESEE Knives Rite in the Rain Survival/Navigation Notebooks that we mentioned earlier this year are now available for purchase.


These notebooks feature 45 pages of Rite in the Rain paper and several plastic pages of survival, navigation, and E&E tips. Best of all, they feature a set of clear map tool pages with map scales, UTM grid, and protractor.

Rite in the Rain notebooks are a constant companion for me and this is the Rite in the Rain notebook at its fullest potential. Check them out at BladeHQ.

ESEE Rite In The Rain

ESEE Map and Compass Basics Course – Free Resource


Map and compass skills are somewhat perishable. If you don’t use them from time to time, you can start to lose them. Everyone needs a refresher course once in a while. Thankfully, the good folks at ESEE Knives/Randall’s Adventure Training were kind enough to put the presentation that they use to teach basic map and compass skills online for the benefit of humanity. If you are a seasoned pro or a just a beginner when it comes to land nav, it will be well worth your time to read through these slides.

Check out the Randall’s Adventure Training Map and Compass Basics Course.

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