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Stickthison Unity AR Full Size Patch

Stickthison has used their stolen WonkaVision technology to embiggenate another patch and, guess what? You want one.

The new Unity AR Full Size patch is just like every other PVC patch you have except for the fact that this one is actually cool… and it is 15″ wide. This hook-backed monstrosity is limited to just 100 pieces and it will make your gun room 150% cooler. You’ll need to act fast if you want one.

Stickthison That Thang Patch

Stickthison recently released the That Thang patch. You won’t even have to tell people that you keep that thang on you… because they will see the patch… and know that it is on you in a very literal sense. You can keep “That Thang” on you all the time… like on your hat or backpack or any other loop patch you may have.

Stickthison New Site and New Apparel

Stickthison has launched a new update to their website and several new t-shirt designs. The new site highlights the fact that they have moved well beyond just patches to offer pins, stickers, accessories, and a ton of apparel with more gun art and humor than you can shake a stick at.

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