Stickthison Morale Patch Flip Book

The typical reader of this blog has enough patches that they can’t fit them all on their backpack, plate carriers, and caps at the same time. They’ve tried… but they can’t. Patches need a place to live a peaceful, organized life when they aren’t decorating your gear. That is where the Morale Patch Flip Book from Stickthison comes in. It’s like a TrapperKeeper for your patches and if you look deep inside yourself, you know that’s all you have ever really wanted.


  • Reinforced edging to prevent fraying.
  • Reinforced holes on each page for longevity or attaching to walls.
  • Binder rings allow for the addition of up to 3 more pages (Depending on thickness of patches EG: PVC/Embroidered). 
  • Easily sort and organize pages.


  • Dimensions: 11” x 8”
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Hook/Loop Velcro Backing
  • 5 Piece Flip-page Patch Book


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