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S.O. Tech Mission Go Bag Flap

The S.O. Tech Mission Go Bag (MGB) is a well known bag that has proven itself to be capable of carrying everything from office essentials to vital fight sustaining gear. The owner of the MGB has a myriad of accessories available to them that can really enhance the function of the bag. One of the newest such accessories is the Mission Go Bag Flap (MGBF).

The MGBF is a flap that gives the MGB a more low profile look by covering the PALS webbing on the front of the bag. It acts as a flap much like any other messenger bag or briefcase might have. In addition to helping the bag blend in, it also adds a good sized vinyl map window and pen loop.

Image is property of S.O. Tech.

This is a really clever solution that lets the user and mission determine how to configure the bag. I would love to see more manufacturers offer flaps like this for their bags.

Check out the MGBF on S.O. Tech’s website.

Just for Fun: “Banana Clips”

The term “banana clip” is an erroneous name for the curved magazines that are used in many different types of magazine fed rifles. The term has been co-opted by anti-2nd Amendment groups in order to spread fear and misinformation. In the end, it only shows their ignorance since banana clips aren’t clips at all. They are magazines. Yes, there is a difference.

Before I ruin your mood, let me change gears. This post isn’t really about anti-2nd Amendment groups or semantics. It is about something a whole lot more fun than that. This post is about the Banana Clip banana hangers made by “Kmanator” who obviously has a great sense of humor. He is a regular on several online forums and an eBay seller. He makes plasma cut metal items like signs and the Banana Clip banana hanger.

The banana hangers are made to look like famous rifles like an AR-15 or AK-47. Their is a hook located on the magazine area of the rifle that is used to hang your bananas. Hanging bananas helps them ripen evenly without all the soft spots and bruises that occur when they sit on the counter. But really, do you care that hanging is better for bananas than laying them on the counter? No. This banana hanger is just for fun.

Check out the banana hangers and all the other cool stuff in Kmanator’s eBay auctions.

PS – If you want further proof that Kmanator has an awesome sense of humor, check out his zombie-ready AK Battle Axe stocks. Sure, its impractical, but you still want one.

SAR Global Tool E&E Knife Prototypes

SAR Global Tool is always creating some innovative piece of gear that could save your tail in a bad situation. The latest design is a very small, compact, and simple knife that is designed to take up as little space as possible in your survival kit, BOB, or E&E kit.

These E&E kit prototypes are ground from .090″ thick CPM 154 steel, so they should hold an edge well and resist rust as they sit packed away in a kit. They have a 1.5″ cutting edge and are only 3″ in overall length. The blade has a sort of angular sheeps foot shape that should offer plenty of cutting power in a small package. The tip looks to be very fine which is a plus on a small knife that will likely be used for many detailed tasks.

The coolest thing about these little knives is the sheath. It lays very flat so that it fits anywhere and it features 3 grommets so you can carry it many different ways. What really sets the sheath apart is the orange kydex panel. This panel can be used as a close range signal panel or marker. I have found that having something that is highly visible like this can be a land nav aid in dense under brush. When the undergrowth is too thick to take an azimuth to a landmark farther than a few feet in front of you, it can be helpful to send someone ahead with something visible so that they can become your land mark. You direct them verbally or visually to your azimuth and then walk to them.

This knife is small and simple but it comes with the kind of innovations that you would expect from a rescue professional like Spencer at SAR Global Tool. You can purchase your own on the SAR Global Tool blog. While you are there, check out the incredibly slick, patent pending Eclipse Signal System.

Mystery Ranch Streetfighter

The new Streetfighter from Mystery Ranch is one of the smallest packs in their line. It is designed to excel as a jack-of-all-trades, general purpose pack. It would be at home on the hiking trail or a cross country flight.

Even though this pack is small, Mystery Ranch didn’t skimp on the suspension. The Streetfighter features their excellent Futura Yoke which mean you can pack the Streetfighter until the seams are bursting without fear of overloading it.

It features 2 exterior water bottle sleeves which I really like because it frees up the interior for cargo and protects the contents from spills. If you prefer to use a hydration bladder, there is an interior sleeve that will accommodate one. There is also an interior accessory pocket and external panel pocket with internal organizer that will help keep you keep your small items squared away.

The Streetfighter boasts 1150 CU-IN of capacity. That sounds small but that is kind of the point. I should also note that, in my experience, Mystery Ranch tends to underestimate their pack’s capacities.

Navy blue and yellow are the only colors available now but there will likely be some more subdued colors in the future. Black and OD green have been mentioned. Hopefully coyote brown and/or Multicam will make the cut as well.

You can check out the new Streetfighter on Mystery Ranch’s website.

Independence Day

235 years ago the brave men who founded this nation signed the Declaration of Independence and in doing so, they risked their reputations, livelihoods, and their lives. Today, that same bold spirit is shown by those who fight to maintain this country’s freedom. Take a moment today to remember those who have risked, and in some cases sacrificed, everything to secure our freedom.

Have a safe, happy, and thoughtful 4th of July.

BAD-T1 The Armorer

The M1A/M14 can be a tremendously reliable and accurate battle rifle but it comes with some unique maintenance requirements that require specific tools. You can buy all of these specific tools separately or you can buy The Armorer from Battle Arms Development.

The Armorer combines more than 30 M1A/M14 specific functions into one compact package that can be used on the workbench or in the field. It is so compact that it can be stored in the buttstock cleaning kit compartment of a USGI stock. As we have come to expect from Battle Arms Development, The Armorer is over built and precisely machined. It is machined from bar stock 41L40 Chrome-Moly Steel and then finished with Ion Bond.

Battle Arms Development typically only makes 1 run of the The Armorer a year and they sell out quickly. They are available now but the optional custom pouch is still a few weeks out. You can read more about The Armorer on the Battle Arms Development website or purchase your own in their web store.

UPDATE: The 4th of July will mark Battle Arms Development’s 2nd year of operation. To celebrate, they are offering $20 off the BAD T1. Just enter the code BADT120 at checkout. The offer will be good from 7.2.2011 to 7.5.2011.

Jerking the Trigger is on Twitter

Trigger Jerks, are you itching for a new way to keep tabs on the latest tactical gear news and review? Now you can get your Jerking the Trigger fix on Twitter.

Follow @jerkthetrigger.

New from Revision: The Alphawing

The new Alphawing sunglasses from Revision represent a little bit of a departure from their typical products in that they are not really designed for ballistic protection. However, they are still packed with the style and innovation that you have come to expect from Revision.

I am not really into fashion but I do know a classic style when I see one. Aviator style glasses like the Alphawing are certainly classic. They have always been stylish and they always will be. Thankfully, Revision made the choice to do away with the gaudy gold color of many aviator frames in favor of an understated stainless steel color.

I mentioned “innovation” in the first paragraph and you may have thought, “What in the world could be innovative about aviator sunglasses?” The Alphawing is not your typical set of aviator sunglasses. Most aviator frames are made from thin metal that is brazed together. Those brazed joints add weight and weak spots to the frame. The Alphawings are actually acid etched from a single sheet of stainless steel. That makes them stronger and lighter.

Revision has also changed the way the lens are held in the frames. Most sunglasses place the lenses into a channel in the frame. Revision uses a thin frame that rides in a channel that is cut into the lenses. This makes for a lower profile design.

The Alphawing also features adjustable nose pads which is a feature that I have really come to appreciate about my Revision Hellflys. The arms are overmolded with grippy rubber to prevent the Alphawings from sliding around on your head. unlike most aviator frames that have harder rubber covers that get slick with sweat.

Check out the Alphawing on the Revision website.

McCann Industries M14 Carbon Fiber Stock

What if you could add a “pistol” grip, collapsible stock, and fore-end rails to your M1A or M14 and still reduce your rifle’s overall weight? With the McCann Industries M14 Carbon Fiber Stock does just that. It adds features and functionality while reducing weight.

The stock makes extensive use of carbon fiber to create a chassis that is both extremely rigid and extremely lightweight. Every part of the stock that is not made from carbon fiber is made from 7075 Aluminum. The sum of all of these materials is a stock that weighs a feathery 24 ounces.

I am really just scratching the surface of the features that this stock brings to the M14. You can read more about the interesting properties of carbon fiber in rifle stocks and other features on the McCann Industries website.

IZULA Custom Handles from The-Knife-Connection

The-Knife-Connection continues to add to their line of custom knife handles for ESEE Knives. Their latest addition is the new IZULA Custom Handles and they look excellent.

These handles can be bolted directly to your ESEE IZULA with no modification. They improve the usability of the knife by improving your grip. The handles feature a rounded, palm swell shape to fill the hand. The handles are tapered at the end closest to the cutting edge. This allows for a pinch grip that I find very useful on a small knife like the IZULA. The large lanyard hole of the IZULA is covered slightly by the handles which creates a more usable grip while still providing plenty of room for a lanyard.

The IZULA Custom Handles from T-K-C come in a ton of different colors including the ever popular and highly visible blaze orange and a really attractive ranger green. They come with all the hardware necessary to mount them. I would consider using a dab of thread locker, like Loc-Tite, when installing the handles.

While these may cost considerably more than the OEM IZULA handles, they are also a much more refined solution. You can check out the new IZULA Custom Handles on The-Knife-Connection.com.


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