The Next Big Thing from Firelance Media

Firelance Media has proven their mettle with both video and still cameras. They have captured training courses, sporting events, products images, and more, but they are about to embark on their most ambitious project yet – Documerican Road (click here to read more at Firelance Media).

firelance media

The idea behind Documerican Road is simple. Matt at Firelance Media will put his video gear in his personal vehicle and start driving. He will have planned stops at various businesses in the firearms and sporting industry. There will also be plenty of time built in for unplanned stops along the way. The businesses he profiles will be small businesses, or small businesses that became more than small businesses, craftsman, trainers, makers, and anyone else that makes this industry tick.

The film that comes out of this trip will likely be part time capsule, part character study, part advertisement, part documentary, and all fascinating.

The idea of Documerican Road may be simple but the execution of it certainly won’t be. As you can imagine, this is going to be a large, expensive undertaking. There will be opportunities to help get this done so, keep an eye on the Firelance Media Facebook page and blog page for information.

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