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Review: Caldwell Stable Table – Portable Shooting Table

There was a time in my life when I thought I would never have need for a shooting table. Shooting tables were for the weak and soft. I would just use the prone position forever.

I do most of my shooting on public land or on my home range both of which are, shall we say… rustic. They generally aren’t graded perfectly and there can be tall, wild grasses that reach 2 feet in height or taller in the summer. On my home range, I shoot from an elevated ridge down into a berm at the back of a lower field. This sometimes places the precipice of the ridge in my line of sight if I am prone. The area that I shoot from is also an important access point for our trucks/tractors into the field and woods beyond it.

I need elevation to clear the terrain and vegetation. I also can’t clog up the area from which I shoot with a permanent shooting bench. All of this points to the need for something like a portable shooting table.

I tried several portable shooting tables that I could find locally but they all had major short comings for my intended use. Most of them were basically glorified folding chairs that didn’t seem like they would last any longer than the camp chairs it seems like we have to replace every two years. Most of them had runner style bases that would NEVER sit level in the locations where I shoot. Then I found the Caldwell Stable Table online and, while I couldn’t find one locally to see in person, it was clearly closer to what I needed. I rolled the dice and bought one on Amazon. I’m glad I did.

The Stable Table is exactly what I needed. First, it is constructed mostly from surprisingly thick steel round tube and steel square tube stock with welded reinforcement. The table top is a tough, blow-molded piece with steel inserts for bolting to the steel structure. The whole thing feels like it could last a lifetime.

Second, all that steel adds up to weight and weight equals stability. Weight is great for a permanent shooting table and good within reason for a portable shooting table. The Stable Table is heavy but I can still lift the whole unit at once and it breaks down VERY easily into smaller components which makes it quite easy to move. It strikes a nice balance between stability and portability.

The third feature that makes this table perfect for me (and probably anyone else who rarely shoots indoors or from a concrete pad) is the tripod base. The Stable Table has a very wide tripod leg setup that makes it easy to level the table, even on rough ground, because it only contacts the ground at 3 points. One of the legs is adjustable via a large thumb screw so that you can really fine tune the level.

Those are the just the features that made the Stable Table work for me. There are a lot of additional features that I have come to appreciate about it:

  • The seat is lightly padded and covered with some seemingly very durable vinyl that wipes off easily (very nice when it is covered in barn dust from storage).
  • The table top is attached to the central column near the back of the top (instead of centrally) so you can cant it to one side or the other depending on whether you shoot right or left handed.
  • The table top has molded channels and lips so items don’t roll off easily.
  • It comes with rifle cleaning forks that attach to the handles that are molded into the table top. I might even use them if I clean a rifle some day.
  • The seat is height adjustable which lets me bring it closer to the table top for my daughters to use. The table has been an important tool in training them to shoot without them having to hold the full weight of the rifle all the time.
  • The table top is well sized. There is plenty of room for a rifle with support of some kind (shooting bag, bipod, rest, etc.) and ammo, spare mags, paper and pen, and other items you might want while you are shooting.

I bought my Stable Table for just over $200 from Amazon. It can be found in the $170-175 range at other online retailers but be sure to check shipping costs. There is often a hefty oversized shipping fee for this table because it is quite large and heavy when boxed. If you have a shop locally that stocks Caldwell Shooting Supplies, it may be worth checking there. You might save yourself some money buying local.

Caldwell Stable Table on Amazon (affiliate link)


TangoDown is Back Online

TangoDown is back online and that is good news for you…

Some of you are aware that the TangoDown Inc. website & email services were down for several days.  The issue has been rectified!  As a thank you for those who were waiting patiently, we are extending a discount through Sunday 3/25/18.  Take 10% off orders up to $99, and 15% off of orders $100+.   No offer code is needed, just load up the cart!  Visit:  www.TangoDown.com to shop & save!  Thank you again for your patience & business!


Holosun Goes Titanium?

Holosun recently teased a optic with full titanium construction. Titanium is just exotic enough to garner my interest whenever it rolls across my social media feeds.

Holosun didn’t make the benefits of titanium construction clear but experience tells us they could be lighter weight, increased durability, or some measure of both. While it is always exciting to see companies working to innovate, it remains to be seen whether any potential benefits from titanium construction would justify the increased cost of such an optic.


Fix It Sticks Magnetic Patch

Fix It Sticks’ Magnetic Patch is just what it sounds like… a magnetic patch. It can be attached via hook and loop to several of the cases that Fix It Sticks offers for their tool sets or to your own case/matte/range bag if you have a loop material field.

The idea behind the patch is simple and handy. If you are working with screw driver bits and small parts, you want those parts to stay put as opposed to migrating off of whatever surface that is serving as your mobile gunsmithing bench in the middle of a carbine course/range trip/hunting excursion. The Magnetic Patch serves to hold those bits and parts while you work.

Fix It Sticks also cleverly only applied the hook material around the perimeter of the back of the patch. This creates a lip around the back of the patch so that it can serve as a small tray if that is a more convenient way for you to work.

Fix It Sticks Magnetic Patch


Unity Tactical and Ruta Locura Did This Just to Show Off

I think Unity Tactical must have a Q Branch because the recent in house rifle project they took on, with help from Ruta Locura, is some straight up James Bond stuff.

They created one of the slickest and lightest weigh pack rifles you will ever see. They started with a Crickett youth rifle which they SBRed. Then they installed a Ruta Locura pack rifle stock and a custom, cut down carbon fiber wrapped barrel (also from Ruta Locura). Unity Tactical made a custom mount for a Trijicon RMR, cut down the bolt handle, and made a custom ammo holder. They also installed a suppressor and made a few modifications so the rifle would stow as shown in the image above.

The end result is an amazing little pack rifle that weighs just 1.5 pounds as shown (and with 36 rounds of .22LR on board)!

Unity Tactical

Ruta Locura


Mean Gene Leather 2 to 1 Point Sling

Mean Gene Leather’s 2 to 1 Point Sling brings some class to your trusty old rifle.

The sling is constructed from your choice of brown or black 1.25″ wide English Bridle Leather. It has a brass slider to adjust the length and comes with your choice of push button QD swivels or HK style hooks, both of which work with the included IWC 2 to 1 Point Sling Adapter.


Shield Extended Magazine Release by Tyrant Designs CNC

Chicago, IL- Tyrant Designs CNC fresh on the heels of their fast selling, quick installing plus 2 magazine extension is now the official launch of their new Extended Magazine Release (EMR) for the M&P Shield. Boasting a crosshair pattern design and a slightly raised (extended) surface Tyrant Designs CNC states the following:

“Our Shield Extended Magazine Release is CNC Machined from aerospace grade aluminum and merges flawlessly with the ergonomics and styling of your M&P shield. In addition to functioning exactly like an OEM release, the profile of our M&P Extended Mag Release is slightly raised with chamfered edges which helps ensure that you eject your S&W Shield magazine quickly and with ease!”


Sneak Peek: Bravo Concealment VP9 and VP9SK Holsters

Bravo Concealment is adding the VP9 and VP9SK to their line up of available holsters. The BCA (OWB), DOS (IWB), and Torsion (IWB) holsters will be available for both handguns.


Team KE Arms Cleans up at Inaugural InRange TV Desert Brutality 2018 2 Gun Competition

The Desert Brutality 2 Gun Competition was held at the Cow Town Range in Peoria, AZ  February 3-4 2018.  The match was organized and promoted by InRange TV.  InRange TV’s Karl Kasarda brought his unique combination of physical and shooting challenges with rifle and pistol from the 2 Gun Action Challenge Match into a major event format.

105 competitors from around the United States and as far as Switzerland and Finland attended the event.  Participants included active and retired Military/Law Enforcement, experienced action shooting competitors, and a large number of new shooters inspired to compete by InRange TV’s match coverage.

Competitors engaged rifle targets from out to 300 yards, and pistol targets to 25 yards.  Every stage included some physical challenge including sprints, running up hill, throwing a kettle bell, dragging a heavy sled, obstacles, and breaching doors.

The match featured several unique divisions:

Classic: Firearms designed in as issued configured prior to 1974 with iron sights.  Mag capacity was limited to 30 rounds rifle, and pistol to standard capacity magazines.

Scout: Modern firearms.  Rifle could have a single optical sight, pistol must use iron sights.  Rifle capacity was limited to 30, and pistol to standard capacity magazines

Armored: Same as Scout, but add a plate carrier with rifle rated plates must be worn on every stage.

Sport: Equivalent to Open Division in 3 Gun, no substantial equipment restrictions.

Armored +P: Rifle Rated plates front and rear, bump or ballistic helmet, all ammo for the entire match carried on person throughout each stage.  Firearms equipment and accessories were unlimited as long as it was carried.

KE Arms Team Shooter Jordan Henderson won Scout division and overall.

KE Arms Marketing Director and Shooting Team Captain Russell Phagan (aka SinistralRifleman www.SinistralRifleman.com) won Armored +P division and placed 2nd overall only 8 seconds behind Jordan.


You can watch Russell’s match videos on youtube here:

Desert Brutality Intro and Gear


Desert Brutality 2018 Day 1

Desert Brutality 2018 Day 2

Results here: http://www.inrange.tv/

Sneak Peek: SMOS Arms Upper Machined to Match Contours of Geissele Super Modular Rails

Geissele Automatic’s Super Modular Rails (SMR) are popular for good reason. They are excellent rails. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an upper receiver available to match the contours of the SMR? SMOS Arms thinks so.

They recently gave us a sneak peek of a billet upper they are working on that will have contours designed to blend into the SMRs. Hopefully for SMR fans, this upper received actually makes it to market.


Geissele Automatics

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