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Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot With Removable Base, Rotary Knob and 50k-Hour Battery Life

The newest Advanced Micro Dot from Primary Arms is now available. The new Advanced Micro Dot (MD-RB-AD) features a removable base with broad mount compatibility and 50K hour battery life. The biggest news is that this new version is activated and has its 11 intensity selected via a rotary knob rather than buttons.

From Primary Arms:

The Microdot, Removable Base, Advanced sight (MD-RB-AD) takes everything we learned from our best selling MD-ADS microdot and refines it a step further. MD-RB-AD features an estimated 50,000 hours of battery life from the included CR2032 battery, powering an ultra-sharp 2 MOA dot. Fully multicoated lenses and an ultra-low profile emitter ensure a clean sight picture with minimal lens tint. Eleven brightness settings are controlled by the rotary knob on the right side. The first two settings are compatible with night vision units and cannot be seen by the naked eye. The brightest settings are daylight bright. The illumination knob physically stops at “0” with the red dot turned off.

Covered by the Primary Arms lifetime warranty, MD-RB-AD is designed for use on heavy recoiling firearms such as shotguns. Constructed of 6061 aluminum throughout, MD-RB-AD features a Type II anodized matte black finish. Waterproofing is improved over previous models—for example, the turret caps are now aluminum instead of plastic and tighten down around the waterproofing O-rings until metal-to-metal contact with the scope body. When removed, the turret caps can be used to adjust windage and elevation.

MD-RB-AD comes with a removable 1913 MIL STD Picatinny base. With the base removed, the scope body is compatible with industry standard micro mount systems, enabling MD-RB-AD to be mounted correctly on a wide variety of firearms.

Check out the new Advanced Micro Dot (MD-RB-AD) at Primary Arms.


SmartCells® Cushioning Technology Takes Aim at Recoil Pads

CHEHALIS, WA – November 1 – SATECH, Inc, the creator of the patented SmartCells Cushioning Technology, announces an exciting adaptation of their technology into a recoil pad. Currently made for selected model lines of Tikka and Sako rifles, SmartCells Recoil Pads are produced in Chehalis WA and are available for sale as of November 1, 2017. SmartCells recoil pads are designed to provide significant recoil shock absorption and have been shown to effectively improve shooters’ comfort over many leading recoil pads in the market today.

“At SmartCells we are all about solving life’s painful problems” said Chad Lindstrom, VP of Marketing for SATECH, “Our Recoil Pad contains Patented SmartCells Cushioning on the inside, which is intentionally designed to resist bottoming out and absorb painful recoil forces. Those who have tested the SmartCells recoil pad report a significant reduction in felt recoil force, which has helped them improve gun control, extend shooting sessions and provide greater focus on their target.”

Testers of the new SmartCells recoil pad technology include G.I.A. Tactical of Australia.   According to David Giacosa, G.I.A. owner, “The SmartCells Recoil Pad not only outlasted the competition, but gave me greater confidence in my shooting session. Shooting .308 caliber ammunition, SmartCells outperformed my previous pad by allowing 23 shots downrange before  reaching the limit of discomfort, compared to only 18 rounds downrange with my previous aftermarket recoil pad. This is a game changer for me!” said David.

Do More. Shoot Smarter. Feel Good. With the SmartCells Advanced Recoil Pad.

Visit www.smartcellsrecoilpad.com for more information on this revolutionary new product.


Everyone’s Favorite Droid Mags from Bad Element Co.

If you aren’t following the Bad Element Co. MAM (Mag a Month), you are missing out on tons of fun. Their latest creation is a cut down, 15 round capacity PMAG with a some color applied in strategic places to look like everyone’s favorite droid, R2. The coolest feature is the small “eye” near the top of the magazine that turns red when the magazine low on ammo.



Sneak Peek: CDM Gear MTRS for Mossberg 590 Shockwave 20 Gauge

CDM Gear already has their MTRS light and sling mount in the works for the new Mossberg 590 Shockwave 20 Gauge. Like the 12 Gauge version, the new MTRS will feature 2 sling mounting loops and a light rail and is completely ambidextrous. It can be mounted with the light rail on either side of the shotgun. The bottom sling loop also serves as a hand stop.

The new MTRS for the 20 Gauge Mossberg 590 Shockwave will be released soon. Email 20gaugeshockwavemount@cdmgear.com to be notified of the release.



Veterans Day Sale at SIONICS

SIONICS is offering site-wide discounts this Veterans Day weekend. The discounts are automatically applied when you add an item to your cart.



Vickers Tactical™ +2 Extension for the Glock™ G42

TangoDown™ is pleased to announce the release of the Vickers Tactical™ +2 Extension for the Glock™ .380 ACP G42 (VTMFP-007/42). Though overshadowed by the later 9mm G43, the G42 is still popular in the smallest concealed package. The extension offers the security of (2) additional rounds, as well as extending the grip slightly to allow for an improved firing grip. When carrying a compact: 8+1 is always better!

The VTMFP-007/42 fits the G42 only.

MSRP: $10.95

Color Availability: Black

Visit https://tangodown.com/shop/vickers-tactical-2-magazine-extension-for-the-glock-42-vtmfp-007-43/ for more information.


Phase 5 Arm Brace Stops

SB Tactical’s Stabilizing Braces have been nothing short of game changing. If you have one, you know that they can rotate slightly on the receiver extension during use unless they are butted up directly against the rear of the receiver. If you want to mount the brace further back, there wasn’t much you could do to keep the brace from rotating… until now.

Phase 5 is now offering a line of Brace Stops. They offer two models – the ABS-SB15 for the SB-15 Brace and the ABS-M which fits several different SB Tactical Stabilizing Braces. Both models clamp to your pistol buffer tube (receiver extension) and prevent both forward and rotational movement of the brace. They also provide a QD sling mounting point.

Check out the Phase 5 Arm Brace Stops at Phase5WSI.com.


V Seven 6.5 Creedmoor Match Barrels

The new V Seven Weapon Systems’ 20″ 6.5 Creedmoor Match Barrels are now available for your AR308 (or maybe AR6.5… I guess). The barrel has many of the same features found on other V7 barrels like 416R stainless steel construction, polygonal rifling, V7 Match Chamber, Melonite treated barrel extension, optional fluting, an included pinned gas block, and gas tube.


Forward Controls Design URF

The URF, or Upper Receiver Forward Controls Design, is now available. The new billet AR-15 upper is based on based on CMT’s URPR-1 7075 billet upper receiver and represents incremental improvements to the standard A3 upper.

FCD outlined the following design improvements:

1. Relief cuts on the section before rails start for better accessibility of a flip up BUIS’s sight stalk / flip up element.

2. Relief on the top of forward assist housing. The relief cut is specifically designed for ambi charging handle users. When the user uses his right fingers to pinch and grasp the CH’s right latch, the relief allows the index finger to reach down further, so the CH’s right latch is positioned in the middle of his finger pad, not the tip of it, for a more secure purchase, especially if the user has gloves on. When we use our left fingers to grab the charging handle’s left latch, there is nothing below the latch, but on an upper with forward assist, its housing stands in the way. The relief simply provides what room that can be spared on the FA housing so more of the user’s finger can have a positive purchase.

The FA housing relief is a simple broad stroke. In retrospect, we could have made its presence less shockingly obvious. The change we made is there to work, we didn’t give much thoughts to how it’d look, only that it’d create as much clearance as the FA housing can afford to give. Our design philosophy emphasizes utility, innovation and quality derived advantages, aesthetics is a super minority in this equation.



  • 5 axis machined from 7075 T6 billet
  • M4 feed ramps
  • Engraved “T” numbers
  • 1913 picatinny Rail flat top
  • Mil Spec Type III class II hard coat anodized Black
  • Shell deflector
  • Forward Assist machined into receiver
  • Dust cover port machined into receiver
  • Increased wall thickness for added rigidity
  • Compatible with Mil spec parts
  • Compatible with most aftermarket handguard/rail systems
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects
  • Comes stripped without dust cover & forward assist assembly
  • Compatible with “Tactical Link” Enhanced Battery Assist Lever
  • Weight: 8.9oz

Check out the URF at ForwardControlsDesign.com


Halloween Savings at Tactical Works

Tactical Works has a number of new products and coupons to show off this Halloween. The discounts include coupons for free shipping and 10% off your entire order! You can read all the details in their newsletter: Tactical Works Newsletter.


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