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CDM Gear Receives Patent for Delta Wave Safety

CDM Gear has received a patent for their Delta Wave Safety for Mossberg shotguns. The Delta Wave’s unique design moves the contact point for the safety back and to the side, allowing the users to operate it more easily and without breaking their grip.

Check out the newly patented Delta Wave Safety at CDMGear.com.


Black Wood USA Releases Wood PDW Stock

SEATTLE – June 12, 2018 – Black Wood USA, a company pioneering wood components for the AR-15 platform, announced today the release of a PDW stock for AR-15s that features a solid walnut butt plate. The stocks are the latest addition to Black Wood USA’s lineup of wood components for AR-15-style firearms, which also includes rail panels, trigger guards and grips.

“From the early days of our company, we knew we wanted to make a collapsible wooden stock,” commented co-founder and CEO William Mengon. “Traditionally, the only wood stocks available for AR’s are A2-style fixed stocks. Our vision was to make a stock that combined the legacy and texture of wood with modern functionality.”

To achieve the modern functionality, the company selected Strike Industries’ Viper PDW mechanism to be the stock’s foundation. The company was attracted to the Viper hardware because it doesn’t require any additional proprietary systems to function. “We wanted the stock to work with as many different rifle setups as possible,” added Mengon, “Strike’s PDW had the widest range of compatibility of all the PDW mechanism options we explored.” Despite the addition of a solid piece of the walnut, the stock weighs in at 22 oz, only a couple ounces more than Strike’s standard offering.

Like all of Black Wood USA’s components, each stock is finished and assembled by hand. The stocks are available now on the company’s website for $400.00.

For more information visit: https://www.blackwoodusa.com/products/adjustable-wood-ar-15-stock-english-walnut

About Black Wood USA:

BlackWoodUSA.com is owned and operated by U.S. Army Veterans who wanted to share their wood AR-15 components with the world. Each piece of their wood furniture is hand-finished to highlight the natural grain of the wood and all their products are 100% made in the U.S.A.


Tier 1 Citizen: The Bag Gun

Tier 1 Citizen is offering a new training course called The Bag Gun. The course details how to set up a bag to carry a SBR/pistol/PDW in a way that fits your life, how to deploy the gun from the bag, and other considerations. More and more people are adopting this sort of discreet PDW concept and this would be a good chance to shake out your set up to see if really works.

Tier 1 Citizen: The Bag Gun


Strike Industries Angled Quick Detach Socket

The Strike Industries Angled Quick Detach Socket is lower profile by virtue of its angled design. It also angles the QD swivel back toward the user which makes it easier to release or install the socket while maintaining a firing grip. This could be handy for those using various types of two to one point slings.

The Angled Quick Detach Socket can be mounted on either M-LOK or KeyMod. It will be available soon from StrikeIndustries.com.


Aridus Industries Zhukov Handguard Adapter for Beretta 1301 Update and Video

Prototypes shown

The Aridus Industries Zhukov Handguard Adapters will be available soon! These adapters allow the Magpul Zhukov Handguard to be fitted to the Beretta 1301 shotgun, giving the user access to M-LOK slots for accessory mounting. The adapters are currently in anodizing and should be available in the next few days.

Aridus Industries recently released a video that shows a potential configuration for the handguards. The video also relays important details about the gas/heat shield, gas venting, and accessory mounting considerations.




RS Regulate AK-301M + AKML or AK-303M + AKR in Limited Edition Hardcoat Anodized Colors

RS Regulate is offering two of their most popular AK side rail mount combinations in some VERY limited edition colors – hard anodized Wasteland or Desolation. There are two mount options: AK-301M + AKML (for Micro Aimpoints and similar) or AK-303M + AKR (for use with scope rings).

If you have ever dealt with colored hard anodized finishes, you know that matching colors is difficult. Only these two mount options are available so that the colors can be matched between the upper and lower parts of the mount. Only 50 sets of each combination are available so you will need to act fast if you want one.

You can see all of the Limited Edition Mounts at RSRegulate.com.


AT Armor Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit

AT Armor put in the time finding paints that match Rhodesian Camo perfectly so you don’t have to. The colors are compiled into a kit that includes enough paint for one large project like a rifle with a little to spare for touch ups. The included paints are brushed on, not sprayed, so you get a chance to get back in touch with your inner artist.

The oil based paints in the kit include Rhodesian Dark Green and Rhodesian Light Green along with a small bottle of flat paint to reduce the shine. The paint bottles come with squeeze caps to make them easier to deal with and instructions are included.

AT Armor also states the following about these kits:

We are a company who loves Freedom and history. To this end we are providing this kit as a historically accurate (with modern materials) paint kit to match those common colors found during the bush wars that plagued the African Continent last century. We disagree with any subjugation or separation of free people based on color, creed, or religious belief. Unfortunately sometimes those that gravitate toward the historical interest of the bush wars leverage it to further their cause of separatism; this is not our world view. We pursue this interest as a tribute to all anti-terror and anti-communist forces that fought the good fight.

Check out the Rhodesian Camo Paint Kits at AT Armor.

SIONICS Bargain Basement

Keep your eyes on SIONICS’ Bargain Basement pages. They offer a number of items including clearance, cosmetic blemished products, and LE trade-in uppers at bargain prices. None of the available deals last long at these prices and they list new gear all the time so check back often!

SIONICS Bargain Basement

V Seven Weapon Systems .308 Magnesium Hyper-Light Handguards

For immediate release – Glendale, OR – V Seven Weapon Systems expands their line of Magnesium Hyper-Light Handguards to now include MLOK and KeyMod handguards for .308 (AR10/SR25) rifles.

With most .308 rifles weighing quite a bit more than their AR-15 counterpart, end users have been looking for ways to shed some weight wherever possible. The Hyper-Light family of hanguards are manufactured from a blended aluminum & magnesium alloy which yields an approximately 30% reduction in material weight compared to commonly used 6061 aluminum.

The 308 Hyper-Light Handguards are available in four different lengths which are 10.75”, 13.5”, 15” and 16.5” in both MLOK and KeyMod. The finish is a plasma deposition process that provides a tough ceramic-like coating with superior wear resistance compared to anodizing. Each 308 Hyper-Light Handguard comes with all required mounting hardware including a Grade 5 Titanium Barrel Nut, Barrel Nut Wrench and Screws.

For more information including weights for all rail lengths and additional photos, please follow the links below or give us a call at 541-832-2179.

V Seven Weapon Systems 308 Magnesium Hyper-Light MLOK Handguard

V Seven Weapon Systems 308 Magnesium Hyper-Light KeyMod Handguard

GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster Walk-Through Video

GunfightersINC has been rolling out a lot of great content on their YouTube channel. Their latest video conveys a lot of solid information about their Kenai Chest Holster. The video includes information on how to wear the holster, tuning it for best fit, and how to execute a safe draw-stroke.

We like the Kenai Chest Holster a lot around here (see our review) and this video is the best primer you’ll find on this handy holster.

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