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PerSec Systems Introduces Unity Tactical ATOM Cut Holsters

Unity Tactical PerSec Systems

PerSec Systems and Unity Tactical have collaborated to bring you custom Kydex holsters with a special cut that is designed to accommodate Unity Tactical’s ATOM optic mounting system for handguns. The ATOM system is really catching on in large part of its ability to mount the Aimpoint T1 and its ability to be updated as micro red dot sight technology advances.

The ATOM cut is available as an option on all of PerSec Systems’ holsters. The ATOM system will work with other optic cut holsters but the introduction of holsters designed specifically to accommodate the system is a mark of a well developed concept.

Check out Unity Tactical and PerSec Systems.

TNVC Class1 DBAL-I2 / Torch PRO FUSION Package

If you are a non-military/non-LEO night vision user and you want to set up your carbine, check out the Class1 DBAL-I2 / Torch PRO FUSION Package from TNVC. The package includes a Unity Tactical FUSION mount, a Laser Devices Inc. DBAL-I2 Class1 Infrared Laser with your choice of red or green visible laser, and an optional TNVC Torch PRO Infrared Illuminator. That is a whole lot of functionality in a fairly compact package.

Check out the TNVC Class1 DBAL-I2 / Torch PRO FUSION Package.


Initial Review: Unity Tactical EXO

One of the blessings and curses of having a blog like JTT is that I sometimes get to find out about cool stuff well in advance. That may not sound like a curse but it can be tough to wait for the item to actually hit the market and to keep from telling all of you about it! The EXO from Unity Tactical is one such item.

Unity Tactical EXO 4

Unity Tactical EXO 5


The EXO is a replacement mount for the Surefire X200, X300, and X300 Ultra lights that integrates a shroud that prevent accidental activation of the light. Basically, with this simple polymer replacement part, Unity Tactical has corrected the major shortcoming of using the X300 and similar lights on a carbine.

The EXO is a single molded piece of plastic. Installation is simple. You remove the X300’s OEM mount and install the EXO in its place, reusing the same 6 screws that fasten the OEM mount.

Unity Tactical EXO 3 Unity Tactical EXO  1

Observations from Use

The single biggest knock against using the X300 on a carbine is that it is prone to accidental discharges of light. The X300’s rocker switch can be activated by pressing it forward slightly and, thanks to its exposed design, this is easy to do accidentally. This isn’t just an operator safety issue but also a storage issue. If you store a carbine with an X300 installed in a soft case, you can be sure that your batteries will be dead by the time you remove it from the case due to the case activating the light. These are the problems that the EXO seeks to correct.

When Unity Tactical mentioned the upcoming EXO to me months ago, I was extremely excited. That very week that Unity Tactical contacted me, I had given up another failed attempt at creating a shroud for the X300 that would prevent accidental activation (purely coincidental, I had nothing to do with the development of the EXO). I tried modifying a film canister to sit on the back of the X300. I tried fabricating a shroud from Kydex on my own. I even reached out to a couple pro Kydex benders to try to make something similar but nothing ever worked out like I hoped mostly because it was difficult to get the shroud to stay on the light.

Unity Tactical EXO 2

Unity Tactical ingeniously worked around the issue of keeping the shroud attached to the light by integrating it into the rails. Unlike my feeble attempts at something similar, this is not a snap on part. It would be nearly impossible to remove it accidentally.

I have tested the pre-production version and I am thrilled with it. It greatly reduces the likely hood of accidental activation when the carbine is in hand and when it is stored in a soft case. The EXO’s shroud extends back beyond the end of the rocker switch’s tabs so that you actually have to deliberately move your thumb into the guard to activate the light. The EXO is flared so that there is plenty of room inside the shroud so access both momentary and constant activation for both right and left handed users.

I have found that the EXO actually makes the X300 easier to use as a carbine mounted light. I can stage my thumb in the little gap between the rocker switch tab and the shroud. From that position, I can easily press down for constant on or in for momentary on.

Unity Tactical EXO 6

Wrap Up

The X300 has a great beam profile and activation method for use as a carbine light but it has always been plagued with accidental activation issues. Those will soon be a thing of the past. If you have an X300 on your carbine, this is going to be must have gear. The Unity Tactical EXO will be available later this month.

Unity Tactical is gaining a big time reputation as problem solvers. They burst onto the scene with the ATOM, a system that solves the issues with mounting an Aimpoint Micro on a handgun and allows the user to swap sights as technology advances. Then they introduced the FUSION mounting system to consolidate the tangle of mounts that can crowd your carbine’s handguard. Now they are set to roll out the EXO. That is an already impressive body of work.

Check out Unity Tactical.

The photos shown are of a pre-production sample. The production model may vary and will have increased texture and less visible mold lines.

Review: Unity Tactical FUSION

The FUSION from Unity Tactical is a modular mounting system that gives the user the ability to mount a number of critical items on the same mount. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book for your carbine. There are so many different options, you’ll want to try them all.

Unity Tactical FUSION with Offset Rail Unity Tactical FUSION Under Side


The FUSION consists of several components.

  • HUB – The HUB is the heart of the system. It is the foundational part that actually mounts to the handguard rail and to which all the other components are attached to create the various configurations. It can accept any of the FUSION components and Surefire Scout Lights can be attached directly.
  • Extension – The Extension is a rail that can be attached to any one of the three positions of the HUB in order to project a rail forward. It can also accept a Surefire Scout Light directly (without the rail clamp) or the 1″ Light Ring Mount.
  • BUIS – The BUIS can be attached to anyone of the three positions of the HUB though it is likely to be used at 12 o’clock by most users. It is an extremely compact, folding back up iron sight that can be locked in the upright position with a small set screw.
  • Offset Rail – The Offset Rail can be attached to either side position on the HUB. It places a short rail section at 45 degrees to the top rail.
  • Wing Mount – The Wing Mount can be attached to either side position on the HUB. It places a short rail section at 90 degrees to the top rail. It can also accept a Surefire Scout Light directly (without the rail clamp) or the 1″ Light Ring Mount.
  • 1″ Light Ring Mount – The 1″ Light Ring Mount allows the user to mount standard 1″ diameter handheld lights directly to the HUB, Extension, or Forward Rail.
  • Forward Rail – The Forward Rail extends forward from the HUB at the same height as the top rail of the handguard. It can also accept a Surefire Scout Light directly (without the rail clamp) or the 1″ Light Ring Mount.

All the components are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized. The come packaged with every screw (and usually extras) and hex wrench that you will need to that particular component. The HUB comes with a very large tube of blue thread locking compound which is a very nice touch. The FUSION is available in either black or flat dark earth.

Unity Tactical FUSION with Wing MountUnity Tactical FUSION with Wing Mount and APL

Observations from Use

Testing the FUSION is like a marathon. It seems like the configurations are endless. I tried to test as many as I could over a number of range visits.

Installation and configuration of the FUSION is easy. The HUB slides onto the rail and secures with a cross bolt. It must be slid onto the rail so users with a fixed front sight base (FSB) will need to remove the FSB or slide it on all the way from the rear of the receiver. I should note that the cross bolt was extremely tight on my sample. It was so tight that it screeched and squeaked like a dying rabbit when you brute forced it into place. Thankfully it loosened a bit over time.

Each individual component bolts easily to the HUB with the provided screws. I recommend using thread locker just because you should always use thread locker on a gun. I didn’t use thread locker because I have to return all this stuff but I had no issue with screws loosening in my limited testing. All of the screws holes on the HUB are recessed to prevent the screws from interfering with installation.

There were several configurations that I really, really liked and they all have one thing in common: the BUIS. The BUIS in this set is excellent. It is very compact and, cleverly, it can be turned into a fixed sight with the installation of an included set screw. It is just a really nice little sight. The HUB with just the BUIS and a Surefire Scout in the offset position in an amazingly compact and capable configuration.

The Extension Rail gives you some interesting possible configurations. You can mount rail mounted pistol lights or something like INFORCE WML to it but I think it really shines when you direct connect a Surefire Scout light or handheld light in the 1″ Light Ring Mount. The Extension Rail lets you push the light out well forward of the end of your rail where the effects of barrel shadowing are minimized. The lights are still tucked in fairly close thanks to the direct connect capability.

Unity Tactical FUSION with Extension Unity Tactical FUSION with Extension and Flashlight Mount

The Offset Rail is pretty straight forward in its use. If you already have a very long rail (12″ or longer), the Offset Rail is likely what you want if you plan on mounting an INFORCE WML or other pistol mounted light. The Offset Rail with the BUIS and an X300 or WML was one of my favorite set ups. The light falls right under thumb and is very easy to active. I should note that in order to make room for both the BUIS and the pistol light, you will need to mount the BUIS in the rear most position and the Offset Rail in the forward most position so it is sticks out slightly past the end of the HUB.

The Wing Mount is one of the most versatile pieces in the kit. It place the rail and object connected to it at 90 degrees to the top rail in a slightly lower position than the Offset Rail. It can be used to direct connect a Surefire Scout, the 1″ Light Ring Mount, or pistol lights. In fact, the INFORCE APL is magic on the Wing Mount due to its unique switch. When mounted 90 degrees to the top rail like this, you can now push down to activate the light and it is held a bit higher and tighter to the handguard than it would be on a side rail. If you don’t like having your light up in your field of view, the Wing Mount can lower it a bit versus the Offset Rail.

The 1″ Light Ring Mount is great. It allows you to attach a handheld light directly to your HUB or some of the other components. It is flexible enough to handle even lights with a slightly larger than 1″ diameter like the Surefire G2L. If you have a handheld light like the Surefire Fury or Streamlight PolyTac line that you want to put in the 10-11 o’clock position, the FUSION HUB with this Light Ring Mount and the BUIS is a great setup.

Unity Tactical FUSION with Flashlight Mount

The Forward Rail bolts to the bottom front of the HUB and basically gives you a rail extension at the same height as your handguard’s top rail. This is a great place to mount a Surefire X300, INFORCE WML, or other pistol light. It also allows you to direct connect a Surefire Scout light which gives you some very cool functionality. The Scout Lights mount very low because of the direct connect feature so they stay well out of your line of sight. There is enough room to reach up there and hit the tailcap switch with your thumb but this setup works best with a tape switch.

There are many, many possible configurations that I couldn’t test. For instance, an IR laser can be mounted directly to the HUB and still leave room for an offset light on one of the side positions. If I was set up for night vision, I would be taking a very hard look at this capability because it tucks everything very, very close together.

There does seem to be some misunderstanding about the FUSION out there that I should at least attempt to clear up. The FUSION is not a rail replacement. You could do a lot of what the FUSION does with a few mounts and a typical 4 rail handguard. The FUSION is a mount replacement. It consolidates mounts and other items that would typically be connected to the muzzle end of a handguard. By consolidating mounts, you save weight, gain space, reduce bulk, and add durability due to less potential failure points. It also happens to be a great mounting solution for the current crop of slick sided, narrow tube rails that are so popular right now.

I find the future of this system just as interesting as the FUSION itself. The HUB is really just a means to an end. I can see that the logical conclusion of a system like this might be integration directly into a dedicated handguard rail, forgoing the need for the HUB. I suspect that we will also start to see additional accessories and new configurations as the system matures.

Unity Tactical FUSION with Forward Rail Unity Tactical FUSION with Forward Rail and APL Unity Tactical FUSION with Forward Rail and Scout

Wrap Up

The FUSION is successful at what it sets out to do. You can use it to reduce to the number of mounts necessary to attach just about everything you normally attach to your handguards. The options and configurations are seemingly endless. Those options and configurations will only expand further as users get their hands on the system and adapt it to new technology and current TTPs. The beauty of the FUSION is just how adaptable it really is.

Check out the FUSION at Unity Tactical.

Note: The photos may show the FUSION with other iron sights visible. I am not advocating having multiple sets of back up iron sights. I just didn’t want to remove sights that were already zeroed for testing.

Pre-Order the Unity Tactical FUSION

Unity Tactical, designers of the ATOM concept, have opened up pre-ordering (with special pricing, free shipping, and free swag) of their ridiculously cool FUSION mounting system.

The FUSION is a modular mounting solution that allows you to use a single chassis to mount everything from sights, to lights, to lasers, and more in positions that allow all to work together in a way that makes sense. The heart of the system is the HUB which is designed to be mounted on the top rail of a railed hand guard and to which various different types of mounts and rails can be affixed.

It is really easier to show the pictures of the FUSION to give an idea of what it can do than it is to try write it all out here. Check out the FUSION on UnityTactical.com.

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