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Recover Tactical Adds New Magazine Clips

If it has been a while since you looked at Recover Tactical’s line of magazine clips, you may want to look again. They have added several new models to their line up which now includes the Glock 17, 19, 21, and 43 along with the Smith & Wesson Shield. The Glock 21, 43 and S&W Shield Magazine Clips are new products that are currently available for pre-order.

Check out Recover Tactical Magazine Clips.

Recover Tactical Hi Power Grips

Recover Tactical, known for their grips with integrated light rails, continues to develop new grips. They first offered their grips for the 1911, then the Beretta 92 series of handguns, and the next in the lineup may be the venerable Hi Power.

Recover Tactical gave us a sneak peek at a prototype grip set that is very close to the production version. The upcoming grips are shown below.

In related news, they also let slip that there may be a grip set for the Makarov sometime in the future.


Recover Tactical RC12 Rail and Clip for the Glock 17 Gen 1 & 2

Recover Tactical is rolling out a number of new products and one in particular has caught my eye. Their new RC12 Rail and Clip is a no-gunsmithing, drop-in part that makes it easy to add a rail to generation 1 and 2 Glocks. The two-piece, clamping design requires no permanent modification to the host Glock.


I own a couple of Generation 2 Glock 17s that I like quite a bit due to their lack of finger grooves but their lack of light rail means I can’t mount a weapon light on them easily. This would be especially useful for one of my gen 2 G17s because it does serve occasionally as a nightstand gun.

The RC12’s belt clip function doesn’t interest me and frankly I am not really sure why it is there. Fortunately, it is removable. In spite of the inclusion of the clip, the RC12 does seem like it could be quite useful and it is fairly affordable. Hopefully, Recover Tactical considers offering the clip separately at some point so that they can offer just the rail at a reduced price.

Check out the RC12 Rail and Clip for Gen 1 and 2 Glocks at Recover Tactical.

Recover Tactical Launches the BC2 Grip and Rail for the Beretta 92 Series

We have covered the development of Recover Tactical’s BC2 Grip and Rail previously on JTT. The BC2’s development is now complete. It has entered production and is now available for purchase.


The BC2 Grip and Rail is a drop-in upgrade for Beretta 92 series handguns that adds both grip panels and a light rail to models that do not already have one. The rail is actually integrated into the two piece grips.

The BC2 is available in Black, Coyote, and OD Green. Check it out at Recover Tactical.

Recover Tactical BC2 Beretta 92F/M9 Grip and Rail

Beretta’s venerable 92F handgun has factory light rail options like those found on the the excellent but discontinued Vertec line or the currently available M9A1. However, the vast majority of the Beretta 92s on the market lack a light rail and for those guns there is the new upcoming Recover Tactical BC2 Beretta 92F/M9 Grip and Rail.

Recover Tactical BC2

The new BC2 works the same way as the original Recover Grips for the 1911. It is a slim, polymer unit that screws in place of the grip panels and extends forward around the trigger guard and under the dust cover to provide a light rail. The portion that is bolted to the grip is essentially the same width as the factory grip panels so there is very little additional bulk that the shooter will notice.

The BC2 should be available soon. Recover Tactical is already showing working units at IWA.

Check out Recover Tactical.

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