Recover Tactical RC12 Rail and Clip for the Glock 17 Gen 1 & 2

Recover Tactical is rolling out a number of new products and one in particular has caught my eye. Their new RC12 Rail and Clip is a no-gunsmithing, drop-in part that makes it easy to add a rail to generation 1 and 2 Glocks. The two-piece, clamping design requires no permanent modification to the host Glock.


I own a couple of Generation 2 Glock 17s that I like quite a bit due to their lack of finger grooves but their lack of light rail means I can’t mount a weapon light on them easily. This would be especially useful for one of my gen 2 G17s because it does serve occasionally as a nightstand gun.

The RC12’s belt clip function doesn’t interest me and frankly I am not really sure why it is there. Fortunately, it is removable. In spite of the inclusion of the clip, the RC12 does seem like it could be quite useful and it is fairly affordable. Hopefully, Recover Tactical considers offering the clip separately at some point so that they can offer just the rail at a reduced price.

Check out the RC12 Rail and Clip for Gen 1 and 2 Glocks at Recover Tactical.

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