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Mil-Spec Monkey – Originators of the Modern Day Morale Movement

Mil-Spec Monkey recently uploaded the following image as their Facebook Cover Image.


The image started me thinking about how huge morale patches have become, how many patch-centered lifestyle brands have popped up in recent years, and how influential Mil-Spec Monkey really has been in making all that happen. They took the morale patch from a niche item known only to those in the know, to a lifestyle item that retailers stock by the thousands. The Monkey is probably the main reason so many gear items have loop material fields on them now.  Who would have thought that you could build an entire brand/empire around patches?

Check out Mil-Spec Monkey and buy a patch or two to pay homage to the OG of the Modern Day Morale Movement.

MSM Boss Beaver

MIL-SPEC MONKEY just released his latest pack design – the MSM Boss Beaver. If you liked the Adapt Pack, but wished for something a bit bigger, this one may be for you.


The MSM Boss Beaver’s layout is similar to the Adapt Pack with a few key additions. The most noticeable is the massive “beaver tail” on the front of the pack. The Monkey had two design goals with the beaver tail to correct shortcomings he has seen with other packs. First, he designed the beaver tail so that it could be held tightly to the pack when it was not in use. Second, the beaver tail doesn’t prevent access to any of the compartments.

The Boss Beaver is made in the USA by Tactical Tailor. I am really just scratching the surface of this pack’s features so I strongly suggest you check out the video below and then check out the MSM Boss Beaver at the MSM Store.

MSM Inserts

Mil-Spec Monkey has released two simple, new Velcro backed inserts. Both are made in the USA by Tactical Tailor. They are affordable and designed for versatility so it doesn’t cost you are arm and a leg to make use of the loop lining in your bag or pack.


The MSM GP Insert has three pockets for organizing gear. The two billowed pockets on the front are sized for things like cell phones, GPS units, small notepads, and similarly sized items. There is a slip pocket behind the billowed pockets that can be used for items that are flat in shape. The MSM GP Insert measures approximately 6.5″ x 6″.


The MSM Multitool Insert features 3 billowed pockets. It is designed to hold items like flashlights, multitools, pistol mags, folding knives, and similarly sized objects. The MSM Multitool Insert measures approximately 6.5″ x 4.75″.

MSM Urban Grey – 3D Testing

Mil-Spec Monkey is still hard at work testing the various shades of grey in an attempt to identify the most versatile Urban Grey. In the most recent round of testing he moves past 2 dimensional color samples and into 3 dimensional, real-world objects. If nothing else, this sort of testing highlights the difficulty in selecting a single shade to match as many background as possible. Check out the Monkey’s efforts at Mil-Spec Monkey.


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