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The Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack (ROP) has been so successful that it has spawned a number of spin-offs. The most recent spin-off, the MSM Adapt Pack, uses the ROP as its base and then receives a heaping helping of Mil-Spec Monkey (MSM) innovation.

MSM Adapt Pack


Like the ROP, the MSM Adapt Pack is a small to medium sized pack (1178 cubic inches) that is useful for a number of different roles. It is constructed from 500D nylon by Tactical Tailor. This pack is designed to serve as stand-alone assault pack that can also be docked to a larger pack or plate carrier.

It retains most features of the ROP including a dedicated exterior accessible hydration compartment, a large main compartment with internal water bottle pockets, a smaller front compartment, external shock-cord organizer and Velcro patch field on the front, padded shoulder straps that can be packed away inside the hydration compartment, an adjustable sternum strap, padded back panel, and PALS webbing field on the sides and front. It comes with all the hardware that is necessary to mount the pack to a host.

The MSM Adapt Pack differs from the ROP in some key ways. It has additional hardware that gives it the capability to function as a single strap pack (sling bag). The ROP can do this but the MSM Adapt Pack expands the capability (more on this later). The ROP also features ambidextrous access to the front pocket which is loop Velcro lined for adaptable organization. Additionally, the MSM Adapt Pack has left and right side hydration/comm wire/antenna ports.

MSM Adapt Pack Hydration Comm Antenna Port

Observations from Use

One of the best things about this pack is that it doesn’t deviate too far from the ROP. The ROP is a great pack because of its size and all the ways it can be carried. The size is large enough to serve as an EDC or day hike pack and small enough to serve as an assault pack. It can comfortably carried as a backpack, docked to another larger pack or plate carrier, briefcase style with the straps tucked away, and the MSM Adapt Pack adds sling bag style carry.

Much of the unique features that MSM designed into the pack, revolve around getting the most out of sling bag style carry. Sling carry allows the user to pull the bag from their back, around to the front to access contents without removing the bag. The front pocket has two zippered access points, one on each side, so that you can access it regardless of which shoulder you have the bag slung on. This isn’t necessarily just a left handed versus right handed feature. I am right handed but prefer to carry single strap bags on my right shoulder in order to ensure that there are no straps over my holster (which is located on my right hip).

MSM Adapt Pack Ambi Access with Mags MSM Adapt Pack Ambi Access Opposite

The interior of the front pocket has a large loop Velcro field on the interior which is the perfect organization system to support the ambidextrous, almost chest rig like nature of this pack. It allows the user to mount something like magazine pouches in any orientation that they need in order to access the content when the bag is pulled around in front of them. I found that the Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Dappers work perfectly in this role because they grip the magazines tightly enough that there is no issue with them falling out when the pack is vertical. This internal loop field and good Velcro backed magazine pouch makes it possible to fight out of this bag much like you would a chest rig. It is very, very clever.

MSM also added an additional removable female side release buckle to the sternum strap. It can be placed on either strap (completely ambidextrous) and serves to provide a docking point for the unused shoulder strap when the MSM Adapt Pack is in single strap mode. It basically creates a stabilizer strap much like you would find on a proper messenger bag. This locks the pack to the wearer’s back and completely mitigates the excess movement issues that are inherent to single strap packs.

The transition from traditional 2 strap pack to single strap, sling bag style carry is so simple, that it can be done while you are wearing the pack. You simply unbuckle the shoulder strap on the shoulder that will not be wearing the pack and reach over your shoulder to stow the top portion into the hydration compartment. Then you unbuckle the remaining strap and reattach it to the lower portion of the opposite strap. Finally, attach the remaining lower strap to the stabilizer buckle. It is easy and intuitive.

MSM Adapt Pack 2 Strap Configuration MSM Adapt Pack 1 Strap Configuration

Once you have the removable stabilizer buckle in place, you can just leave it there permanently so it is always ready. If you need to pull the pack around in front to access its contents, you simply unbuckle the stabilizer strap and pull it around.

This single strap, sling bag style configuration is well suited to a number of different applications. As an armed citizen, it makes this bag suited to off-body concealed carry. Certainly, off-body carry is not ideal but at least with this pack, you can access your firearm without having to remove the pack and then root around in it. I can also imagine a number of other users who I am not qualified to speak for who might find a bag that can be fought out of like a chest rig useful. Basically, the MSM Adapt Pack gives you options that you wouldn’t have with a typical backpack.

Wrap Up

I didn’t spend a lot of time dwelling on the features that the MSM Adapt Pack has in common with the Removable Operator Pack (and similar packs like the Lightweight Assault Pack from Grey Ghost Gear) since these features are well known. The sling bag functionality is something that the ROP and all its derivatives are capable of but the MSM Adapt Pack turns them into useable, dedicated functionality rather than a hack. The moveable stabilizer buckle, ambidextrous design, and clever use of Velcro organization makes it all work. This is an awesome pack that you will be able to use a number of different ways.

Check out the MSM Adapt Pack.

MSM Adapt Pack Worn 2 Strap

MSM Adapt Pack Worn with Stabilizer Strap  MSM Adapt Pack Worn 1 Strap

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