ECHO NiNER Original Camera Strap Version 2

If you have been waiting for the ECHO NiNER Original Camera Strap (check out the JTT review) to come back into stock, I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that it has been discontinued. The good news is that it is being replaced with a new and improved version – the Original Camera Strap Version 2 or OCSv2.


The OCSv2 has many of the features of the original version with some notable additions and deletions. The double side release buckle set up that allows it to convert to a hand strap is still intact. The quick adjust tail is still intact. The durable materials and hardware are still intact. However, the silicone insert has been removed and 4″ of additional length has been added. E9 has also added a very slick system to secure the excess strap when the OCSv2 is pulled tight.

Check out the OCSv2 at ECHO NiNER.


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