Mil-Spec Monkey – Originators of the Modern Day Morale Movement

Mil-Spec Monkey recently uploaded the following image as their Facebook Cover Image.


The image started me thinking about how huge morale patches have become, how many patch-centered lifestyle brands have popped up in recent years, and how influential Mil-Spec Monkey really has been in making all that happen. They took the morale patch from a niche item known only to those in the know, to a lifestyle item that retailers stock by the thousands. The Monkey is probably the main reason so many gear items have loop material fields on them now.  Who would have thought that you could build an entire brand/empire around patches?

Check out Mil-Spec Monkey and buy a patch or two to pay homage to the OG of the Modern Day Morale Movement.

One Response to Mil-Spec Monkey – Originators of the Modern Day Morale Movement

  1. 2hotel9 November 24, 2016 at 06:50 #

    Been reading the gear reviews at MSM for a long time, and buying patches nearly as long. I was on the Monkey’s review that I chose a Beez Combat Systems low profile AK chestrig.

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