MSM Inserts

Mil-Spec Monkey has released two simple, new Velcro backed inserts. Both are made in the USA by Tactical Tailor. They are affordable and designed for versatility so it doesn’t cost you are arm and a leg to make use of the loop lining in your bag or pack.


The MSM GP Insert has three pockets for organizing gear. The two billowed pockets on the front are sized for things like cell phones, GPS units, small notepads, and similarly sized items. There is a slip pocket behind the billowed pockets that can be used for items that are flat in shape. The MSM GP Insert measures approximately 6.5″ x 6″.


The MSM Multitool Insert features 3 billowed pockets. It is designed to hold items like flashlights, multitools, pistol mags, folding knives, and similarly sized objects. The MSM Multitool Insert measures approximately 6.5″ x 4.75″.


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