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Sneak Peek: Lunar Concepts SwiftTQ + SB Tactical Brace

Lunar Concepts is teasing a new way to carry a tourniquet on your SB Tactical SBM4 Pistol Stabilizing Brace. This new version of their SwiftTQ tourniquet carrier affixes inside the brace and allows the user to quickly eject the TQ by pulling a strap from the rear of the carrier.

These are expected to be available toward the end of this week or early next week. Keep an eye on LCEquipped.com.

IC13 Arms & Accessories INVRT Bandoleer

The new INVRT Bandoleer from IC13 Arms & Accessories is new take on the bandoleer concept. The INVRT Bandoleer was designed in collaboration with Lunar Concepts and really blurs the line between more simple bandoleers and full on load carriage options like chest rigs.

The INVRT is completely ambidextrous and is designed to be quick to don and doff. It allows the user to simply pass the single shoulder strap over their head and onto their opposite shoulder (like you would with 2 point rifle sling) and immediately have a load carriage solution that is stable enough to fight from. The INVRT can be further stabilized by buckling a sternum strap if time allows.

The end user can attach MOLLE compatible pouches (IC13 offers a full suite of them as an upgrade or for purchase seperately) to the main 6 column by 2 row PALS webbing field or to the 1 column by 3 row PALS fields on the shoulder straps. Magazine pouches attached to the main PALS webbing field will ride high on the user’s chest so that the magazine pouches may be attached inverted (hence the name).

The INVRT Bandoleer is available on its own, with a full quite of pouches (2 rifle mag, 1 pistol mag, 1 med pouch), or complete with pouches and a fully stocked med kit. You can check it out at IC13Arms.com.

Lunar Concept Contour Padded Sling

Lay your favorite belt out flat on a table. Chances are it won’t lay completely straight. There is likely a shallow bend forming where your belt crosses the center of your back. Straps or belts that are wrapped around an object for a long time will often form this kind of bend as they break in and conform to your body. So, why not start with the bend already in place?

The new Contour Padded Sling from Lunar Concepts is a 2 point sling that features a tapered pad that already has the shallow bend designed into it to enhance the comfort of the wearer. The removable pad is made from 500D nylon with EVA foam inside and backed with spacer mesh. It’s position can be adjusted on the sling with triglides.

The 1″ webbing sling features a single adjustment slider used to quickly lengthen or shorten the sling. It has open ends with triglides allowing the user to make use of the attachment hardware of their choice.

Lunar Concepts Contour Padded Sling

Lunar Concepts SOCP Sheath

Lunar Concepts’ new Benchmade SOCP Sheath offers a lot of functionality that some users may find to be missing in the original equipment sheath. It features a slim, compact, user-configurable design that allows it to be mounted in a number of ways including with a single soft loop for IWB use or 2 soft loops for horizontal carry on the belt.

The initial offering of this sheath sold out quickly. Keep your eyes on Lunar Concepts (LCEquipped.com) to be part of the second run.

Bladetech TekWrap – Lunar Concepts

Blade-Tech’s Tek-Lok are a versatile and secure belt attachment but if you have ever tried to use them on a stiff duty belt, you know that they can slip side-to-side on the belt. I have fixed this in the past by sandwiching a bit of bike tire inner tube between the Tek-Lok back plate and the belt itself. This approach worked to prevent sliding but the rubber collects grime and starts to deteriorate over time. Lunar Concepts has a better way.

lunar concepts tekwrap 1 lunar concepts tekwrap 2

Their Bladetech TekWraps are basically a sleeve that slips onto the back plate of your Tek-Loks. The sleeve has hook material on one side and loop on the other which can serve to lock the Tek-Lok in place between your inner and outer belt or even just in place on a duty belt. This is a simple and useful solution.

The TekWraps come in packs of 3. Check them out at Lunar Concepts.

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