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Blade-Tech’s Tek-Lok are a versatile and secure belt attachment but if you have ever tried to use them on a stiff duty belt, you know that they can slip side-to-side on the belt. I have fixed this in the past by sandwiching a bit of bike tire inner tube between the Tek-Lok back plate and the belt itself. This approach worked to prevent sliding but the rubber collects grime and starts to deteriorate over time. Lunar Concepts has a better way.

lunar concepts tekwrap 1 lunar concepts tekwrap 2

Their Bladetech TekWraps are basically a sleeve that slips onto the back plate of your Tek-Loks. The sleeve has hook material on one side and loop on the other which can serve to lock the Tek-Lok in place between your inner and outer belt or even just in place on a duty belt. This is a simple and useful solution.

The TekWraps come in packs of 3. Check them out at Lunar Concepts.

One Response to Bladetech TekWrap – Lunar Concepts

  1. PPGMD July 30, 2016 at 12:00 #

    Or you could buy a big roll of industrial strength velcro for the same price and have enough to do a couple of dozen teklok adapters.

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