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Sneak Peek: Lunar Concepts Prison Pocket

With a name like Prison Pocket, it has to be good. Lunar Concepts will release their Prison Pouch sometime in the next week. This simple pouch has a sleek shape and versatile attachment system that makes it well suited for storing small items directly on a rifle sling.

The pouch is laser cut and has a simple hook and loop closure. It attaches to multiple sizes of webbing via overlapping pieces of One-Wrap sewn to the back of the pouch.

The Prison Pouch is sized to hold a pair of CR123A batteries, a pair of AA batteries, a single 18650 battery, or other small items like ear plugs.

These will be available initially from Wise Men Company: WiseMenCompany.com

Lunar Concepts BubbaTab

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised anymore when Lunar Concepts comes with something completely original, useful, and clever. Their new BubbaTab is a directly replacement for more DIY methods of rifle sling management that offers a lot of ease of use and speed improvements over the typical rubber band set up.

The BubbaTab is a webbing strap with a sewn in such a way that part of it acts like a tab on which a shock cord loop can be hooked. This webbing strap is wrapped onto a rifle fore end or buttstock so that the shock cord can be used to retain the sling and quickly deploy it. You can see it in action in the Instagram video below.

These are not available at the Lunar Concepts website yet but they should be soon.


Sneak Peek: Lunar Concepts SplitFix Coming to a SBPDW Near You

The Lunar Concepts SplitFix for the SBA3 pistol brace has been a hit, selling out quickly time and time again. This simple strap helps prevent the two halves of the brace from collapsing together. Now the SplitFix looks to be coming to another popular SB Tactical pistol brace, the SBPDW.

Lunar Concepts showed us the above teaser image that clearly shows a new version of the SplitFix on an SBPDW. These are not available yet but they will be soon. Stay tuned for details.

You can check out the SplitFix for the SBA3 at LCEquipped.com.

SBA3 SplitFix from Lunar Concepts

The SBA3 from SB Tactical is an excellent piece of gear. It works really, really well as is but… If you really tighten down the arm strap in order to stiffen the forearm wings, the two wings can collapse on themselves which makes everything feel a bit mushy against the shoulder.

The new SBA3 SplitFix is designed to correct that. It is a replacement strap for the SBA3 that includes a keeper that wraps over the space between the forearm wings. This effectively binds them together so that the SBA3 can remain more rigid and keep it shape.

Check out the SBA3 SplitFix at Lunar Concepts.

The problem – the wings collapse together.

The solution – the SBA3 SplitFix’s keeper prevents the wings from collapsing.

A Very… Special… IC13 INVRT

You’ve seen the IC13 INVRT Bandoleer on these pages before but you’ve never seen one quite like this…

I am struggling for words here. On one hand, I am repulsed but can’t seem to look away. On the other hand, I am impressed by the level of coordination and attention to detail it take to source rainbow webbing and matching purple loop material. I don’t know if I am horrified or impressed… or both.

Fortunately, the INVRT is available in some more subdued colors. You can check it out at IC13Arms.com.

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