SBA3 SplitFix from Lunar Concepts

The SBA3 from SB Tactical is an excellent piece of gear. It works really, really well as is but… If you really tighten down the arm strap in order to stiffen the forearm wings, the two wings can collapse on themselves which makes everything feel a bit mushy against the shoulder.

The new SBA3 SplitFix is designed to correct that. It is a replacement strap for the SBA3 that includes a keeper that wraps over the space between the forearm wings. This effectively binds them together so that the SBA3 can remain more rigid and keep it shape.

Check out the SBA3 SplitFix at Lunar Concepts.

The problem – the wings collapse together.

The solution – the SBA3 SplitFix’s keeper prevents the wings from collapsing.

2 Responses to SBA3 SplitFix from Lunar Concepts

  1. Nick August 1, 2018 at 20:28 #

    I use a piece of Velcro, works just fine. Cost < $1

  2. Derrick August 2, 2018 at 14:49 #

    I really am not trying to be that hall monitor guy, but isn’t this really asking for ATF trouble should someone happen to complain? In all the pistol brace approval letter, they specifically state any modifications could be construed as a “not as intended use.” Am I over thinking this, or do I have a legitimate concern with products like this?

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