Lunar Concept Contour Padded Sling

Lay your favorite belt out flat on a table. Chances are it won’t lay completely straight. There is likely a shallow bend forming where your belt crosses the center of your back. Straps or belts that are wrapped around an object for a long time will often form this kind of bend as they break in and conform to your body. So, why not start with the bend already in place?

The new Contour Padded Sling from Lunar Concepts is a 2 point sling that features a tapered pad that already has the shallow bend designed into it to enhance the comfort of the wearer. The removable pad is made from 500D nylon with EVA foam inside and backed with spacer mesh. It’s position can be adjusted on the sling with triglides.

The 1″ webbing sling features a single adjustment slider used to quickly lengthen or shorten the sling. It has open ends with triglides allowing the user to make use of the attachment hardware of their choice.

Lunar Concepts Contour Padded Sling

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