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Kit Badger Coast to Coast 2021

Even an ammo shortage can’t keep Kit Badger from taking on the Coast to Coast 2021. If you want a chance to meet Kit Badger, shoot some hard-to-get firearms, land some sweet swag, and have a great experience with a small group of good people, make sure you hit the link below to learn more.


Don’t Take Your Foot Off the Pedal – Keep the ATF and Their Misdeeds on the Minds of Your Representatives

You’ve likely heard by now that ATF and DOJ have withdrawn their letter on stabilizing braces in which they sought to heap additional vague “guidance” on braced pistols. That is a battle won for sure… but the war is not over.

Ivan at Kit Badger recently posted a video that makes the excellent point that this is the perfect time to press for more oversight and even the abolishment of the ATF. Now is not the time to bask in a small win and wait for the next time the ATF threatens to turns us all into felons for owning something that was purchased legally. Now is the time to keep up the press. Now is the time to make sure your representatives know what that ATF has been up to and to urge them to action.

This small victory on stabilizing braced pistols is fresh in our minds but it will likely be very short-lived unless we keep up the fight.

New to Guns? Kit Badger Launches Firearms Basics Video Series

It’s a strange time to be a new gun owner. Experienced gun owners are usually more than willing to take a new gun owner to the range or at least help them find training. However, with Corona Virus, mandatory shelter in place orders, social distancing, and the like, those types of activities aren’t really possible.

If you are new gun owner, I highly suggest that you take in as much info as you can so that you, and those around you, stay safe. I recommend starting with Kit Badger’s new Firearms Basics series. The series will have several installments that cover topics from the 4 basic safety rules, to safe storage, and more. The first two installments are already available with additional installments coming daily.

Kit Badger on YouTube

Kit Badger KBAT Targets Back in Stock

The original batch of KBATs, Kit Badger Anatomy Targets, sold out thanks to their convenient pad form factor, realistic anatomy indication without unrealistic target references, and over-all versatility on the range. If you have been waiting for them to come back in stock, act fast because this next batch won’t last forever either.

The new batch is now available on Amazon: KBATs on Amazon

Learn more here: KBAT Info on KitBadger.com

Grey Death Adder Merch from Kit Badger

Kit Badger has released a line of Grey Death Adder merch to commemorate a man (or woman) and their instant classic internet comment. I’ll let you read it yourself:

Clearly, this is a man (or woman) with a lot of sage, tactical wisdom to share… a tactical Yoda, if you will. Some naysayers have suggested that this was merely a troll and yet, the comment was deleted after it received attention. That is not the work of a troll. That is the work of a real snake-eater who has been scorned by the attention.

This is the type of comment that goes down in internet lore forever… the type of comment that gets turned into an entire line of t-shirts… mugs and phone cases too. All of the merch has a depiction of your new spirit animal, the Grey Death Adder, on the front. The backs of all the shirts feature various quotes from the comment, complete with the straight-up-murdering of the English language.

You’re going to have to collect them all… unless you are an “ass terrorist”.

Learn more about Grey Death Adder at KitBadger.com.

Check out the merch in the Kit Badger store on TeeSpring.

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