The Stoner Rifle Grip from Kit Badger

Kit Badger has opened preorders for the new Stoner Rifle Grip. I’ve had a prototype of this grip for some time. I’ve found it to be very comfortable and easy to customize thanks to the pre-cut grip tape panels.

Here’s what Kit Badger has to say:

The Stoner Rifle Grip is a design collaboration between REV Firearms and Kit Badger.  REV Firearms is a small New England company comprised of an Industrial Designer and a Firearms Engineer.  Through a series of revisions we came up with the Stoner Rifle Grip.  A solid grip that enhances the handling and manipulation of the AR-15 or AR-10 platform of rifles.  A more vertical grip which helps with ergonomics, depending on the type of shooting you do.  The Stoner Rifle Grip comes with customizable panels for grip tape.  This gives you positive control of your weapon, without tearing up your hands, regardless of conditions.

Each Stoner Rifle Grip ships with 1 set of laser cut grip-tape panels. *Tiger Stripe grip panels is leading the poll now.*

**Right now the First Run of 100 Stoner Rifle Grips is open for Pre-Order.  They will ship towards the End of January 2022.**

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