Review: Streamlight Macrostream

It’s no secret that I like the Streamlight Microstream USB… a lot. I’ve written about it here and posted about it on our social media numerous times. Based on my experience with the Microstream, I had to try the Macrostream as soon as it came out so I purchased one immediately. I have now been using it for more than a year and I’ve learned some things.

The Macrostream is functionally similar to the Microstream USB. It has a similar bidirectional clip (which is truly useful), it has the same easy-to-live-with charging setup, and it has the same simple user interface. It differs in that it is larger due to its larger battery, has twice the output at 500 lumens, and boasts longer runtimes. It also has a more flush tail switch that feels considerably less tactile than the Microstream.

The Macrostream is a great light on its own but I can’t help but still feel that the Microstream is a slightly better light for my purposes. The Macrostream’s less positive, flush tail switch makes operating the light just a bit more fidgety (not for actually activating it but for switching modes) and its larger size makes the light just a bit less convenient. However, none of these issues are insurmountable, especially if you just need the extra output.

You can’t really go wrong with either or both.

Streamlight Microstream USB on Amazon

Streamlight Macrostream on Amazon

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