Don’t Take Your Foot Off the Pedal – Keep the ATF and Their Misdeeds on the Minds of Your Representatives

You’ve likely heard by now that ATF and DOJ have withdrawn their letter on stabilizing braces in which they sought to heap additional vague “guidance” on braced pistols. That is a battle won for sure… but the war is not over.

Ivan at Kit Badger recently posted a video that makes the excellent point that this is the perfect time to press for more oversight and even the abolishment of the ATF. Now is not the time to bask in a small win and wait for the next time the ATF threatens to turns us all into felons for owning something that was purchased legally. Now is the time to keep up the press. Now is the time to make sure your representatives know what that ATF has been up to and to urge them to action.

This small victory on stabilizing braced pistols is fresh in our minds but it will likely be very short-lived unless we keep up the fight.

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