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Beacon Chest Seal at Rally Point Tactical

The Beacon Chest Seal is now available at Rally Point Tactical. This 6″ round chest seal is available with and without a vent. It is also available in a compact 4″ x 6″ pre-folded version that is useful for packing in smaller kits along with several other packaging options.

beacon chest seal

From Rally Point Tactical:

Rally Point Tactical is proud to offer the Beacon Chest Seal in 6 different kit options!

  • Non Vented 6 inch Round, Single pack
  • Non Vented 6 inch Round, Kit Size
  • Non Vented 6 inch Round, Two Pack
  • Vented 6 inch Round, Single Pack
  • Vented 6 inch Round, Kit Size
  • Combo Pack 1 Vented / 1 Non Vented Chest 6 inch Seal, Two pack

The Beacon Seal meets COTCCC preferred features for Chest Seals! Other features include:

  • Made in the USA
  • FDA 510(K) Exempt
  • Strong medical grade hydrogel adhesive
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Latex free

Please visit RPTactical.com for ordering and be sure to ask about government and first responder pricing! Rally Point Tactical is a premier equipment and service provider to foreign and domestic militaries, federal agencies, and state and local municipalities.

Check out the Vented and Non-Vented versions of the Beacon Chest Seal at RPTactical.com.

Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK from RE Factor Tactical

The Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK (MDC) from RE Factor Tactical is concealed first aid carrier that is designed to be used and carried in a number of different ways. It can be worn around your midsection like a belly band holster, around the ankle or arm, or rolled up and placed in a larger pouch to be used like a medical insert.


In addition to it’s ability to carry aid items, the DC itself can serve as one. Its elasticity and 12 different Velcro break positions allow it to achieve a high degree of compression so that it can actually be used as a compression bandage. The 8 integral pouches keep your first aid items organized while removable tabs keep them retained. The MDC also has a red pull tab to serve as a visual indicator of the medical supplies it carries and so that it can located when carried inside another pouch or bag.

Check out the Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK at RE Factor Tactical.

Chinook Medical Officer Response Kit

The new Officer Response Kit is Chinook Medical’s most compact hemorrhage control kit to date. It is not much larger than the tourniquet it is designed to hold.

The heart of the kit is the Officer Response Pouch (also available separately) which can be attached to any MOLLE compatible surface and is compact enough to work well on a belt. It is designed to hold the most basic hemorrhage control items (included): a 4″ Israeli Bandage and a CAT Tourniquet. There is also room for 4 nitrile gloves (included).

The Officer Response Kit is available in Black or Coyote Brown. Check out the full kit and the separately available pouch at Chinook Medical.

chinook med officer response kit open chinook med officer response kit

Whiskey Two-Four Red Zipper Pulls

I have and use a bunch of Whiskey Two-Four zipper pulls. They laser cut them from Hypalon which is light weight and just about indestructible. These zipper pulls were only available in black or coyote brown but now Whiskey Two-Four has introduced a red version which can be used to indicate a that a pouch contains first aid items.

wtfidea first aid zipper pulls

This is especially handy considering all of the various trays and inserts on the market that can be used to convert general purpose pouches into first aid pouches. There are also a number of first aid pouches on the market that are unmarked.

The pulls will feature a red cross logo which is fitting for their purpose. Those shown above are prototypes and Whiskey Two-Four states that the production versions, which are not available yet, will have more visible markings though the red color alone is likely enough to indicate the contents of the pouch.

Check out Whiskey Two-Four.

20$Bandit Mini Medic Kit

Nearly every mention of the 20$Bandit Mini Kit (MK-7) that I have seen makes mention of the fact that it would make a great first aid kit organizer. It makes perfect sense that 20$Bandit is releasing med kit that is purpose built for use with the Mini Kit.

mini_medic_5 mini_medic_2

The 20$Bandit Mini Medic Kit is designed to fit perfectly into the clear, vinyl pouch in the Mini Kit and contains a few essentials:

(4) Personal Antimicrobial Wipes (PAWS)
(1) Roll cloth Adhesive Tape .25″
(2) BURN JEL (single use 3.5 g)
(2) Mole Skin (Kidney)
(1) Oval Eye Pad
(1) Wound Closure Strips (modern day butterfly bandage)
(10) Sheer Strip (1″ x 3″)
(4) 3″ x 3″Sterile gauze pads
(5) Knuckle bandages
(2) Hydrocortisone 1% Cream (1.5 g)
(2) Triple Antibiotic Ointment (.9 g)
(1) Mylar Space Blanket

It should be noted that this is more of an EDC boo-boo kit than a gunshot wound treatment kit so it is not a replacement for a proper IFAK (which anyone who carries a gun should be carrying).

Check out the Mini Medic Kit from 20$Bandit.

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