Whiskey Two-Four Red Zipper Pulls

I have and use a bunch of Whiskey Two-Four zipper pulls. They laser cut them from Hypalon which is light weight and just about indestructible. These zipper pulls were only available in black or coyote brown but now Whiskey Two-Four has introduced a red version which can be used to indicate a that a pouch contains first aid items.

wtfidea first aid zipper pulls

This is especially handy considering all of the various trays and inserts on the market that can be used to convert general purpose pouches into first aid pouches. There are also a number of first aid pouches on the market that are unmarked.

The pulls will feature a red cross logo which is fitting for their purpose. Those shown above are prototypes and Whiskey Two-Four states that the production versions, which are not available yet, will have more visible markings though the red color alone is likely enough to indicate the contents of the pouch.

Check out Whiskey Two-Four.

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One Response to Whiskey Two-Four Red Zipper Pulls

  1. Dann in Ohio July 21, 2014 at 09:39 #

    Those are cool… I’ll have to try some… in the past I’ve used Velcro One-Wraps fro Lowes and just trimmed down the length…


    Dann in Ohio

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