Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK from RE Factor Tactical

The Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK (MDC) from RE Factor Tactical is concealed first aid carrier that is designed to be used and carried in a number of different ways. It can be worn around your midsection like a belly band holster, around the ankle or arm, or rolled up and placed in a larger pouch to be used like a medical insert.


In addition to it’s ability to carry aid items, the DC itself can serve as one. Its elasticity and 12 different Velcro break positions allow it to achieve a high degree of compression so that it can actually be used as a compression bandage. The 8 integral pouches keep your first aid items organized while removable tabs keep them retained. The MDC also has a red pull tab to serve as a visual indicator of the medical supplies it carries and so that it can located when carried inside another pouch or bag.

Check out the Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK at RE Factor Tactical.


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