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Elzetta Shield Lights

The newest lights from Elzetta aren’t likely to be part of your EDC… unless you EDC a ballistic shield.

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce the release of our new line of lighting systems for ballistic shields. The Elzetta Shield Lights bring a new level of quality and performance to the tactical protection market. The basic Elzetta Shield Light includes a horizontal handle with an integrated solid-state tape switch while the innovative TriDextrous™ version provides three unique gripping surfaces with light-activating switches in each location. Both models deliver 1,000 lumens of neutral-tint white light through two solid-acrylic optical flood lenses for a wall-of-light that uniformly illuminates an entire room. All electronics are fully potted for extreme durability with redundant circuitry for the two light sources to ensure continued operation should one source be damaged. A strobe feature is optional.

Elzetta Shield Lights are OEM devices installed on ballistic shields by the shield manufacturer. No soldering or wire-routing is required for installation and the units are backed by a five year limited warranty. Initially available on Blueridge Armor Vengence™ Ballistic Shields, Elzetta Shield Lights are currently in low rate initial production. Like all Elzetta products, the Shield Lights are Made in the USA by Americans. For more information, email info@ELZETTA.com or call 859-707-7471.

Limited-Production “Decade Edition” Flashlights from Elzetta

We look forward every year to seeing what Elzetta is going to do for their annual limited edition flashlight. Past flashlights have been mirror polished or coated with cool colors. This year, Elzetta’s 10th anniversary, the limited edition light trumps all the past lights… because engine turning!

The new Decade Edition Bones Flashlight is based on Elzetta’s newest light, the more affordable Bones Flashlight. However, unlike the standard Bones Flashlight, this one has been spruced up with Blue Anodization, engine turned flats, and great looking “Elzetta Made in the USA” and “Decade Edition” engravings. I looks like the kind of thing you would find in a high end classic car restoration.

These limited edition lights never last long. Collectors snap them up in a matter of days. This one may last less time than usual.

Check out the Decade Edition Bones Flashlight at Elzetta.com.

New from Elzetta: The Affordable Bones Flashlight

Elzetta is now offering a new bare bones flashlight, appropriately called the Bones Flashlight, that offers Elzetta performance at a lower price. The light retains Elzetta’s potted electronics (which is a large part of why their lights are so durable) and their balanced beam profile. However, the body of the light has been simplified and there are no customization options, allowing Elzetta to sell the Bones light at a lower price than their other offerings.


From Elzetta:

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce the release of our latest product; the Elzetta Bones Flashlight.  As the name implies, Bones is a bare-bones flashlight with legendary Elzetta performance and durability and an always-welcomed lower price point.  It produces 650 lumens and activates with a quiet bone-simple click switch.  Finished in natural gray Type III hard anodizing and projecting light through a field-replaceable solid-acrylic optical lens (no reflector), Bones models join their Elzetta brethren as The Toughest Flashlights on the Planet.  Made in the USA like Everything Elzetta sells.  More information is available at www.ELZETTA.com

Check out the Bones Flashlight at Elzetta.com.

Elzetta and PFC Partner for Low Light Training

Elzetta and Progressive F.O.R.C.E Concepts are partnering to provide low-light training on November 11 and 12 in Park City, Kentucky. The courses takes place at the excellent Rockcastle Shooting Center facility where a cave can be used to provide low/no light conditions any time of day. The course takes place over the course of two days with one day focused on carbine techniques and one on handgun techniques.

Visit PFCTraining.com for details.


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