Elzetta Shield Lights

The newest lights from Elzetta aren’t likely to be part of your EDC… unless you EDC a ballistic shield.

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce the release of our new line of lighting systems for ballistic shields. The Elzetta Shield Lights bring a new level of quality and performance to the tactical protection market. The basic Elzetta Shield Light includes a horizontal handle with an integrated solid-state tape switch while the innovative TriDextrous™ version provides three unique gripping surfaces with light-activating switches in each location. Both models deliver 1,000 lumens of neutral-tint white light through two solid-acrylic optical flood lenses for a wall-of-light that uniformly illuminates an entire room. All electronics are fully potted for extreme durability with redundant circuitry for the two light sources to ensure continued operation should one source be damaged. A strobe feature is optional.

Elzetta Shield Lights are OEM devices installed on ballistic shields by the shield manufacturer. No soldering or wire-routing is required for installation and the units are backed by a five year limited warranty. Initially available on Blueridge Armor Vengence™ Ballistic Shields, Elzetta Shield Lights are currently in low rate initial production. Like all Elzetta products, the Shield Lights are Made in the USA by Americans. For more information, email info@ELZETTA.com or call 859-707-7471.

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