Sneak Peek: Battle Arms Development Enhanced Lower Parts Kit

Battle Arms Development (BAD) is working on an extremely interesting lower parts kit that is full of never before seen features and they’ve given us a sneak peak of the prototypes (the production items may change)…

As you can see from even just the first image, this isn’t just another parts kit. The parts have been designed for function, lightweight, and good looks. The bolt catch is a one piece designed that features a groove running the length of it much like a lightening fuller on a knife.

The safety is a departure from their well known BAD-ASS ambi safety selectors. It is a one piece, single side design that features the same recognizable and functional lever shape as the BAD-ASS. The prototypes shown features a right hand, 90 degree throw but other short throw or left hand variants may be available in the future if the demand supports them.

The heat treated steel bolt catch features grooved surfaces and a skeletonized design. BAD has designed it with larger contact surfaces so that it is easier to release the bolt and lock it back.

Stay tuned for more details and keep an eye on

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