Limited-Production “Decade Edition” Flashlights from Elzetta

We look forward every year to seeing what Elzetta is going to do for their annual limited edition flashlight. Past flashlights have been mirror polished or coated with cool colors. This year, Elzetta’s 10th anniversary, the limited edition light trumps all the past lights… because engine turning!

The new Decade Edition Bones Flashlight is based on Elzetta’s newest light, the more affordable Bones Flashlight. However, unlike the standard Bones Flashlight, this one has been spruced up with Blue Anodization, engine turned flats, and great looking “Elzetta Made in the USA” and “Decade Edition” engravings. I looks like the kind of thing you would find in a high end classic car restoration.

These limited edition lights never last long. Collectors snap them up in a matter of days. This one may last less time than usual.

Check out the Decade Edition Bones Flashlight at

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