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Alternate Use for BFG Baton Belt Pouch

I have come to like Blue Force Gear’s Belt Pouches quite a bit. They are the culmination of several of the technologies that BFG introduced to the tactical gear world and, because of their versatile design, I have found all kinds of unintended uses for them.

The Belt Pouches make use of their Helium Whisper backing which is laser cut ULTRAcomp material which keeps the weight to an absolute minimum while increasing durability. ULTRAcomp’s rubbery texture also serves to increase the retention of the pouch by increasing friction on the contents. The BFG Belt Pouches also utilize heavy duty elastic front panels known at BFG as Ten-Speed. These features combine to make a pouch that is low profile, lightweight, and that will hold just about anything you can wedge into them no matter how awkwardly shaped that item may be.

bfg 10 speed belt pouches

The BFG Baton Belt Pouch is designed to carry a collapsible baton but I have found that it fits many tourniquets like it was made for them. Some people try to do the same thing with pistol magazine pouches. That may work with some tourniquets but the additional height of the Baton Belt Pouch allow me to fold and stage a CAT the way I prefer and store it extremely securely. It takes a few minutes to cram it into the pouch and that is a good thing. It’s a tight fit. The pouch holds it tenaciously but a quick tug lets the TQ leap into your hand.

I have taken to keeping one staged just as you see in the picture above so that I can easily throw it on my belt when I go out to the range. Having your medical gear staged, accessible, and easy to don is the key to having it available when you need it.

Note: For the curious, the above picture is the kit I often use at the range. This kit is close to everything I need and it saves me time because I can wear it to and from the range under a covering garment so I don’t look like a ninja out in public. Pictured: BFG Baton Belt Pouch, BFG Belt Dump Pouch, LAG Tactical Battle Buddy

Blue Force Gear ULoop

The ULoop from Blue Force Gear is a new sling mounting accessory that was first debuted on the AK Sling Version 5. The ULoop is similar in appearance to Blue Force Gear’s UWL in that is has a coated steel cable loop and sling attachment point. However, the ULoop takes an evolutionary step beyond the UWL by allowing the user to open and close the steel cable loop.


This unique functionality makes the ULoop a suitable replacement for snap hooks, HK style hooks, and more. It is quieter and less prone to accidental opening than steel hooks like the HK style hook. It is also easier on the sling webbing than stamped steel sling hooks.


The ULoop is perfect for use on the AK’s front sling attachment point, FN SCAR sling attachment points, or any other rifle with small, loop style sling attachment points. It may also be useful for improvising sling attachments by looping it through holes in a hand guard or buttstock. Like the UWL, I expect users will find many interesting ways to solve sling mounting problems with the ULoop.

Check out the ULoop at Blue Force Gear.

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Vickers AK Sling Version 5 and a First Look at the ULoop from Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear has released the fifth sling in the limited AK Sling series designed in collaboration with Larry Vickers. The Vickers AK Sling Version 5 is a bit of a departure from previous slings in that it is patterned after East German AK slings and it serves as a showcase for the new ULoop.

Limited edition AK Sling V5-600x400

Previous versions of this sling had more of a Russian color-scheme. The new Version 5 has a gray webbing, a black leather pull tab, and custom silver nylon hardware that gives it the look of an East German sling. The rear sling attachment is a simple tri-glide set up that allows the user to attach the sling to typical sling loop while the front sling attachment point is something completely new.


This is our first look at Blue Force Gear’s new ULoop which serves as the front attachment point on the Vickers AK Sling Version 5. The ULoop is an outgrowth of Blue Force Gear’s excellent UWL. The UWL has a fixed attachment loop but the new ULoop’s loop can be opened so that the coated steel cable may be fed into fixed sling loops or other small spaces. I expect these will be used to solve all sorts of sling mounting problems just like the UWL.

Check out the new Vickers AK Sling Version 5 at Blue Force Gear. By now, you should know the drill. These don’t last long so act fast.


It’s Back! Blue Force Gear Jedburgh Pack

Blue Force Gear is back in the pack business! They have released the redesigned Jedburgh on a limited basis. If you owned any of their previous packs, you know this is great news.


I own a Blue Force Gear Micro Pack and Skye Pack. They are both excellent but the Micro, in particular, is a classic. In the previous line of BFG packs, which was discontinued years ago, the Micro was the smallest and the Jedburgh was basically the same in terms of features but slightly larger. I always regretted not picking up a Jedburgh. I won’t make that mistake this time.

This newly redesigned Jedburgh is similar in size to the previous pack. It boasts a ton of new features and some familiar ones too. The shoulder straps are still very low-profile but now they are lightly padded for comfort. The simple two compartment design features loop Velcro in both compartments for Dapper (or other hook backed pouch) compatibility. The exterior of the bag features a MOLLEminus ULTRAcomp panel that allows any MOLLE compatible pouch to be mounted and a loop field for patches/ID. It’s clamshell opening allows easy access to contents.

This is a worthy successor to some all time classics. Check out the Jedburgh at Blue Force Gear.


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