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BCS AR 3 FINGER ELASTIC 3 CELL TUBES KIT – Cummerbund for JPC/AVS/LVS, Spiritus M119, and Velocity Scarab

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) has released their AR 3 FINGER ELASTIC 3 CELL TUBES KIT. This cummerbund upgrade is designed to fit a number of popular plate carriers including the JPC/AVS/LVS, Spiritus M119, and Velocity Systems Scarab.

The AR 3 FINGER ELASTIC 3 CELL TUBES KIT features 3 bungee retention compatible elastic cells on each side for holding magazines or similarly sized items. It features laser cut PALS so MOLLE compatible pouches may be attached. The kit includes everything the end user needs to adapt their carrier to the FirstSpear TUBES closure system and the cummerbund.

As with everything BCS sells, this is made in the USA and available in a wide selection of colors.


Review: Crazy Creek Products Hex Original Chair

I am not exactly an ultralight hiker but I do try to keep weight a minimum. This is extremely important in North Idaho where we are either carrying a bunch of extra weight in insulation layers during the cold months or a bunch of extra weight in water in the dry months. There is one item that I carry that might be considered extra weight or a luxury item by some but it has been indispensable for me – a Crazy Creek Products Hex Original Chair.


The Hex Original Chair (now sold as an improved Hex 2.0 Original Chair) is a lightweight, easily packable, multipurpose chair. It weighs in at about 22 ounces and rolls up to a tube shape that is about 15.5″ long and 4″ in diameter. The chair is essentially a single long piece with ends that are joined with adjustable straps making the back angle adjustable.

Observations from Use

To call this a chair is doing it a disservice. It can be used in a multitude of ways, some of which have become absolutely integral to how I camp. Here are a few of the important ways I use it:

  • It is a great chair. It is actually extremely comfortable and I can usually find a small ledge, rock, or log if I don’t want to sit directly on the ground.
  • It is an auxiliary or backup sleeping mat. I use it to add padding and insulation to my sleeping mat. It also protects my inflatable pads from puncture. If I do have an issue with my pad, the Hex Original Chair can stand in for my sleeping pad (or be used for a quick trailside nap). This is a very important redundancy.
  • It is also useful for keeping things off snow or wet ground – I use it to hold fire-making materials off the ground when necessary or even tucked inside to protect them from rain. It’s also nice to stand on when you are changing clothes.

Hopefully, the above does a good enough job of justifying the extra weight. It is not one of those items that you pack and then never use. It is so useful, that I generally store it on the outside of my pack because it is one of the few items that I am likely to access along the way to camp as well as in camp. If I could fit it in a pants pocket, I would probably carry it there.

There are a variety of similar camp chairs on the market. As far as I can tell, Crazy Creek Products makes the original and they are certainly not the cheapest. I have found their chairs to be extremely durable and well worth the money. The Hex or Hex 2.0 versions are especially well suited to backpacking thanks to their lighter weight and how much smaller they pack.

There are a few things that seem to set their chairs apart. They use carbon stays to keep the weight down which is very nice. I appreciate that they use tightly weaved materials for the outer surfaces which, at least, slows moisture from getting through.Finally and probably most crucially, they reinforce the ends of the stay pockets with multiple layers of very durable material which is absolutely key for these chairs. I can’t make you spend the extra money on a Crazy Creek Products chair but at least make sure the chair you chose has heavily reinforced stay pockets or it will fail you.

I should make it clear that the chair shown here is the earlier version of the Hex. It has open mesh inside that takes some care to prevent debris and dirt from getting down into the insulation. The newer Hex 2.0 chairs are greatly improved with the addition of a tighter weaved material for the inside.

Wrap Up

The Crazy Creek Product Hex Original Chair is probably one of my all time favorite pieces of outdoor gear. I don’t hit the trail without one.

Check them out on Amazon (affiliate link): Crazy Creek Hex 2.0


Tyrant CNC Launches the CyberBrake

Tyrant CNC’s new CyberBrake is now available in limited numbers (Edit: the brake is now sold out but more are planned soon).

The Tyrant Designs CNC CyberBrake is your perfect muzzle device! Engineered to be a Compensating Muzzle Brake, our AR-15 muzzle brake has a triple chamber design meant to reduce recoil, lower flash signature AND mitigate muzzle rise. This combination of compensator & muzzle brake is the perfect solution for the every day operator! Whether its for your hunting rifle, range day AR-15, or daily use weapon the CyberBrake is your muzzle device solution!


Sneak Peek: Shotgun Magazine Pouch from Wilde Custom Gear

The magazines for Mossberg’s 590M magazine-fed shotguns (and similar) are massive and are unlikely to fit magazine pouches made for other magazines. Wilde Custom Gear is currently developing a magazine pouch to fit these magazines.

The image they shared (above) is a prototype but you can already see the same features that Wilde Custom Gear uses on their other magazine pouches. The pouch features a laser-cut PALS grid on the front, routing for bungee retainer cords, and a fit that should allow for compatibility with multiple magazines of this type (single stack shotgun magazines).

Stay tuned for additional details.

Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics ROM Pouch

Gadsden Dynamics gave us an early look at their ROM (Removable Organized Multi-use) Pouch.

The Removable Organized Multi-Use (ROM) Pouch is a multi-purpose pouch designed to be used either as a drop/dangler pouch attaches below a chest rig or plate carrier OR can also be buckled into swift clip buckles on a plate carrier. We designed this pouch to be long and narrow so it doesn’t get in your way particularly when mounted below a chest rig or plate carrier. Many drop pouches are too tall and bulky and inhibit movement and unconventional shooting positions.

Look for more details and information on availability soon.

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