Blue Force Gear ULoop

The ULoop from Blue Force Gear is a new sling mounting accessory that was first debuted on the AK Sling Version 5. The ULoop is similar in appearance to Blue Force Gear’s UWL in that is has a coated steel cable loop and sling attachment point. However, the ULoop takes an evolutionary step beyond the UWL by allowing the user to open and close the steel cable loop.


This unique functionality makes the ULoop a suitable replacement for snap hooks, HK style hooks, and more. It is quieter and less prone to accidental opening than steel hooks like the HK style hook. It is also easier on the sling webbing than stamped steel sling hooks.


The ULoop is perfect for use on the AK’s front sling attachment point, FN SCAR sling attachment points, or any other rifle with small, loop style sling attachment points. It may also be useful for improvising sling attachments by looping it through holes in a hand guard or buttstock. Like the UWL, I expect users will find many interesting ways to solve sling mounting problems with the ULoop.

Check out the ULoop at Blue Force Gear.

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