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Amtac Blades Northman with Special Edition Rhodesian Brushstroke Sheaths

If you want an Amtac Blades Northman with a special edition, Rhodesian Brushstroke Belt Firesheath and Storage Sheaths, you are going to have to be on your toes. These special Northman knives will hit the Amtac Blades shop at 1000 PST today (11/5/2021).

These knives are in stock and will ship immediately. They will likely sell out quickly, so warm up your credit cards.

Fourfold Improvement in WNDSN Telemeter Accuracy

BERLIN, 2021-10-14 – WNDSN Applied Sciences Lab presents a significant update to their main product, a new sighting scale that improves the Telemeter accuracy by 400%. The WNDSN Telemeter is a low-tech, naked-eye distance measuring instrument based on comparing the triangle between our eye and a scale with the triangle between our eye and the object in question.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” –Henry David Thoreau

In response and in collaboration with users who report problems in sighting accuracy due to the fixed distance between eye and scale that the Telemeter operation requires, WNDSN has developed a new sighting scale inspired by surveyor’s instruments with scale marks in E shape.

For the new sighting scale blocks instead of lines are used as scale marks, filling every other pair of lines with a solid color. This change increases the width of the smallest element which the user can visually discern from 0.25 mm to 1 mm — yielding a fourfold increase in legibility.

To introduce this improved scale, it has been added to the Night Ops Telemeter, which is already optimized for enhanced visibility in the dark. A bestseller ever since its release, the Night Ops Telemeter is a going-back-to-the-roots, bare bones Telemeter in clear acrylic.

The WNDSN Telemeter upgrade is designed to help people with short-sightedness or other visual impairment but it also increases accuracy for users who have no issues sighting with the original scale.

Made in Germany.

Available at:


WNDSN’s Applied Science Lab, based in Berlin, develops and manufactures that which can’t be improvised; measurement, navigation, and surveying instruments informed by the motto “Ex Mensura, Scientia” — knowledge from measurement.

WNDSN produces archival quality products that are designed with intent by combining techniques proven over centuries; arcane science meets cutting edge contemporary methods, resulting in iconic, timeless, high-utility designs.

In addition to custom-built instruments and tools, metrology & illumination solutions, WNDSN creates expedition mementos and morale patches to celebrate cross-disciplinary exploration in the spirit of the Renaissance. WNDSN morale patches are acutely designed — no line is left to randomness, no element is mere filler. They serve as infographics, how-tos for the WNDSN tools, magic sigils, as well as functional markers.

Tracer Tactical Covert Snap Wrap

Tracer Tactical’s Covert Snap Wrap look right at home on the typical snap-back cap… if anyone even notices it. That’s exactly why it works.

The Covert Snap Wrap wraps around the snap-back portion of a cap and is secured with hook and loop. The interior of the wrap features a slim pocket that is perfect for carrying compact survival items like Bogata Rakes from Serepick or similar.

Überleben Moves Production of Stöker Stoves to USA

The Überleben Stöker Stove is a fine example of a flat-pack twig stove and now it is made right here in the USA. Even the included waxed canvas carrying pouch, which is a useful addition that sets this stove apart, is made in the USA.

The Stöker Stove is constructed from 304 stainless steel and weighs just 15 ounces. It includes the stovetop cross members.

Learn more in Kit Badger’s review of the original version: Uberleben Flat Pack Stove


The SEREPICK OPUS Bypass Kit contains two proven methods for bypassing one of the most widely used lock series in the US – the Masterlock Magnum series 4 pin locks. The kit contains 2 OPUS shims, a 4 pin comb, and a tensioning tool. The tools are very compact and easy to carry in their included pill bottle (which includes instructions for use).

You can learn more about the individual components of this kit, how to use it, and purchase your own at

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