Tracer Tactical Covert Snap Wrap

Tracer Tactical’s Covert Snap Wrap look right at home on the typical snap-back cap… if anyone even notices it. That’s exactly why it works.

The Covert Snap Wrap wraps around the snap-back portion of a cap and is secured with hook and loop. The interior of the wrap features a slim pocket that is perfect for carrying compact survival items like Bogata Rakes from Serepick or similar.

One Response to Tracer Tactical Covert Snap Wrap

  1. pignock October 12, 2021 at 05:10 #

    I made a couple of those with name tapes for me and a buddy for when we go to gun schools together so the shooting instructor could address me from behind like this:

    “Hey Pignock, you’re “jerking the trigger”, slow down and press the trigger”


    “Nice shooting, Pignock” (lol)

    The idea of putting a pocket back there is clever

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