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Tracer Tactical x Delta2Alpha Spetsnaz Shovel Cover

What do you get when you combine a shovel, a cooking utensil, an ax, a hammer, a melee weapon, and some ingenuity? You get the venerable Spetsnaz shovel. These tools are just as versatile today as they were when introduced which is why Tracer Tactical and Delta2Alpha have teamed up to develop a modern cover for this venerable old shovel.

The cover features 500D Cordura construction and is MOLLE compatible. It features a hard insert so you can keep the edge of your shovel sharpened without fear of cutting the cover. The image above is a prototype. The production version will have a Fastex buckle closure.

Pre-orders are open now but they will be closing soon.


Tracer Tactical Covert Snap Wrap

Tracer Tactical’s Covert Snap Wrap look right at home on the typical snap-back cap… if anyone even notices it. That’s exactly why it works.

The Covert Snap Wrap wraps around the snap-back portion of a cap and is secured with hook and loop. The interior of the wrap features a slim pocket that is perfect for carrying compact survival items like Bogata Rakes from Serepick or similar.


Tracer Tactical Covert Tongue Insert

I wrote about Tracer Tactical’s Covert NATO Straps yesterday and, wouldn’t you know it, they dropped another slick covert product worth talking about today. They are now offering their Covert Tongue Inserts for pre-order.

The Covert Tongue Insert is a clever pouch that can be threaded into the laces of Vans shoes (or similar). It allows the wearer to stow small, flat items that may be useful like E&E tools, emergency cash, and similar. The pouch features a hook and loop closure and a sewn on lace retainer to complete the look. Once installed, the pouch is almost completely visually indistinguishable from the standard tongue.

The Covert Tongue Insert is sold individually. If you want your shoes to match, you will need two. Tracer Tactical will be putting this into production in September and they are available for pre-order now.


Tracer Tactical Covert NATO Strap

NATO style watch straps are comfortable, stylish, and durable additions to any watch. Thanks to Tracer Tactical, they can also be used to discreetly store E&E gear. Tracer Tactical adds a slim pocket that can be used to store handcuff shims, small decoders, small combs, and more.

These straps are available in Black or Tan. Tracer Tactical offers various sizes to fit a variety of lug widths and watch types like the Apple Watch and Garmin Fenix.

This is a simple and clever addition to an already great piece of gear.


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