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TOPS Knives Desert Nomad

The latest knife from TOPS, the Desert Nomad, is a looker but it can be put to work too. The design is reminiscent of the classic Ek Bowie but with obvious TOPS Knives flair.

Desert Nomad (2)

The Desert Nomad features 440C stainless steel instead of their more common 1095 carbon steel. TOPS does 440C very well. With their heat treat, it takes a beating, is easy to maintain, and relatively easy to sharpen even if all you have is a small sharpening stone in the field. The .190″ thick blade features a saber grind and a large unsharpened swedge grind.

Desert Nomad (6)

The knife features a large cross guard that keeps the user’s hand on the textured, black G-10 grip. The knife’s tang extends down from the grip into a pommel with lanyard hole that can be used for pounding. The included leather drop-sheath has a tie-off that allows it to be anchored to the wearer’s thigh for stability.

Check out the Desert Nomad at a special introductory price from TOPS Knives.

Desert Nomad Flyer

Overall Length 11.75″
Blade Length 6.50″
Cutting Edge 5.60″
Blade Thickness 0.190″
Blade Steel 440C RC 58-60 Cryo Treated
Blade Finish Tumble Finish
Handle Material Black G10
Knife Weight 10.8oz
Weight w/ Sheath 16.0oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Leather
Sheath Clip Belt Loop

Watson Knives Clinch Pick Modifications

The factory production version of the venerable Shivworks Clinch Pick is a very good knife right out of the box but there is room for improvement. For instance, the sheath has too much material around the guard area of the knife. This prevents the user from gripping the Clinch Pick optimally without having to adjust their grip. Some users also find the handle to be slightly larger than it needs to be and, as with any factory knife, the edge can be improved. That is where Watson Knives comes in…

Joe Watson Clinch Pick Mods

Watson Knives now offers a Shivworks Clinch Pick Modification package that addresses the issues above. The mod package has three components that can be mixed and matched based on your needs. Watson Knives can re-grind the knife with a thinned, hollow primary and secondary bevel to improve cutting performance. They can also thin and texture the G-10 handle slabs to slightly reduce the handle size and greatly improve grip. Finally, they can trim your sheath so that it has both excellent retention but also allows a proper grip right from the sheath.

These modifications will require you to send your Clinch Pick to Watson Knives so be sure to follow directions carefully. Check out the Shivworks Clinch Pick Mods at Watson Knives.

Sentinel Gear Update

A lot has happened since I last mentioned Sentinel Gear. Their slim, easy to carry, no nonsense Mk3 is what put them on my radar. They have grown their line of self-defense oriented fixed blade knives considerably since then.

They have introduced a Pikal (reverse edge) knife called the Mk3 P’Kal. It features the same handle that can be found on the Mk3 with a chisel ground 1095 steel blade.

Sentinel Gear Mk3 PKal

Sentinel Gear has also introduced their take on a Persian blade. It features a sweeping, curved blade with a great tip for point driven techniques. It is also available with a sharpened false edge which makes this knife work for both edge in and edge out techniques. The Persian is available in a number of handle options and even a package that comes complete with a training drone.

Sentinel Gear Persian

I like Sentinel Gear’s style. All of their knives are well suited to carry with a handgun and their slim designs make them easy to carry toward the wearer’s centerline. These are purpose driven custom knives that are very affordable compared to many knives in this same space.

Check out Sentinel Gear’s full line of knives.

New from TOPS Knives: Micro Hawk

Micro Hawk 1

The Micro Hawk, from TOPS Knives and designer Shawn Owens, is an interesting concept. It looks like a compact tomahawk but in use it probably has more in common with a knife. Shawn is a pilot, Filipino martial artist, and instructor and the Micro Hawk has grown out of those experiences. It is a compact, heavy-duty tool that can be used as part of an aircraft survival kit or carried as an edge weapon.

It’s part karambit, part ulu, part field knife, and part hatchet. Check out the Micro Hawk at TOPS Knives.

Overall Length 6.90″
Blade Length 1.95″
Cutting Edge 1.95″
Secondary Edge 3.94″
Blade Thickness 0.320″
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Black Traction Coating
Handle Material Paracord Wrap
Knife Weight 11.2oz
Weight w/ Sheath 13.0oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Kydex
Sheath Clip Rotating Injection Molded Nylon

TOPS Knives – Hazen Legion 6.0

TOPS Knives just released their first new knife of 2016, the Hazen Legion 6.0. This knife has the long, slender blade shape is the unmistakable thumb print of its designer, knife maker Mark Hazen.


The Hazen Legion 6.0 is essentially a production version of Mark Hazen’s most popular knife model. This field/tactical knife design features a black micarta handle over .187″ (3/16″) thick 1095 steel. The 6.7″ blade is saber ground (like a half height flat grind) and features a nearly half length false edge. It comes with a kydex sheath. See the image below for full specs.

This knife has some extremely graceful lines and looks ready to work. Check out the Hazen Legion 6.0 at TOPS Knives.


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