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TOPS Knives – A Look Back and a Look Ahead

TOPS Knives produced two images that they shared around the New Year holiday. The first image was a graphic of all the new knife models that they released in 2015 and the second image was a preview of what they are working on for 2016. I really enjoy these types of peeks behind the curtain.

TOPS Knives 2015 TOPS Knives 2016

My personal favorite in 2015 was the Baja 4.5. I have own and used many TOPS Knives over the years and the Baja 4.5 is likely the best of the bunch. The 3 knives shown furthest to the left definitely have my attention in 2016!

Sentinel Gear MKIII

You may know Sentinel Gear for their holsters but recently they have also ventured into the realm of purpose built, fixed-blade, self-defense knives – the type of knives that I believe should be carried as a companion to a firearm. They have introduced a knife called the MKIII and it appears to have a lot going for it.

sentinel mkiii blade

Their MKIII blade ticks off all of what I look for in a knife for this purpose…

Ease of Carry: It is slim and compact to be carried close to the body, preferably near the center-line of the body.

Point Driven: It’s blade is designed for point-driven techniques which I find to be the most intuitive.

Strong Retention: The handle promotes strong retention via a slightly hooked pommel, a deep first finger choil, and aggressive texture. The handle shape also allows the user to orient the knife by feel.

Trainer/Drone Availability: The MKIII has an affordable training drone available. This is often overlooked my makers and manufacturers.

Affordable: The MKIII is a full custom knife at the production knife price of just $150.

On top of all that, Sentinel Gear has just introduced a $40, non-metallic version called the MKIII Specter. Point driven designs are very well suited to point driven methodologies since the edge of non-metallic knives doesn’t hold up well to repeated slashing. However, with a sufficiently thick spine, a non-metallic knife can continue to pierce almost indefinitely.

The MKIII is available in a single or double edge configuration. It comes with a kydex sheath with clothe clip so that it can be carried in a variety of ways, even when you don’t have a belt.


Steel: 1095 with dark washed finish

Thickness: 1/8″

Cutting Edge: 3.5″

OAL: 7.12″

Scale Material: G10

Sheath: Kydex

Check out the MKIII at Sentinel Gear.

Combative Edge Dragon’s Tail

Combative Edge has introduced a new karambit style knife called the Dragon’s Tail. It’s thin, skeletonized design should make it very concealable and it’s leaf shaped blade will be easier to maintain than a more traditional hook shaped karambit blade.

combative edge dragon tail

This knife is ground from .175″ thick D2 tool steel. It is 6.75″ in overall length with a compact 2.3″ blade that should keep it legal in just about any jurisdiction that allows fixed blade carry. The Dragon’s Tail comes with a kydex belt sheath.

Blade Rigs Karambite Sheath

Blade Rigs has created a new sheath for the Max Venom designed Karambite. If you are familiar with the knife, you know how small it is and that small size can present a challenge when trying to create a sheath that keeps the knife accessible. Blade Rigs solved that problem by anchoring the sheath behind the belt and positioning most of the knife up above the belt line. This design allows the belt to stabilize the sheath and the wing turns the knife in toward the wearer for concealment.

Check out the Blade Rigs Karambite sheath.


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