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RE Factor Tactical Mac Decals

When DSTEIN DESIGNS and RE Factor Tactical get together, cool stuff tends to happen. The Violence is the Answer design is a good example of that. Their latest project aims to spiff up your Mac a bit with some very slick decals.

sniper refactor decal

RE Factor Tactical’s Mac decals were designed by DSTEIN DESIGNS. Both of the available decals show a shooter interacting with the Apple logo in some way that explains the “bite” that is missing. There are two designs available, a sniper and a javelin launcher.

Check out RE Factor Tactical’s Mac Decals.

javelin refactor

Henry Holsters News

There is a lot going on at Henry Holsters! They have launched a new website that features online ordering. Now you can order any of their products directly from the website.

They have also spent some time improving their AIWB offerings. Their standard AIWB Holster, which is an excellent holster, now comes with a second set of belt loop mounting holes. This also the user to adjust the holster’s ride height or cant.


In addtion to the changes to their regular AIWB Holter, they have also introduced an AIWB Light Bearing Holster for Glock and M&P handguns with INFORCE APL installed. It has many of the same features as the original AIWB including the molded in kick (or ramp) and angled belt loop attachment points. It also has a third attachment point that can be used to install a strut to make the holster tuckable.


Henry Holsters does some of the cleanest kydex work I have ever seen. I am working on a review of the AIWB and the start-to-finish detail that goes into these holsters will impress you. Stay tuned for the review.

Crowdfund This: Quicky Magnetic Tactical Belt

At first glance, the Quicky Magnetic Tactical Belt from Carbon Tactics looks like many of the tactical belts on the market right now – just another nylon belt with a big aluminum buckle. If you look a little closer, you’ll see the Quicky has a few tricks up its sleeve.

quicky belt

Most of the Quicky’s allure is tied up in its buckle. The buckle is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum or carbon fiber. It features a unique design that uses strong magnets and lugs to clasp its two halves together. Once there is tension on the lugs, it isn’t coming apart until you push the two halves together and twist. It is a very clever design that is very easy to use and more than adequate for non-climbing applications.

The Quicky will be available with belt options – nylon webbing, biothane, and stiff tactical webbing. The buckles and straps will be available in a variety of colors.

Check out the Quicky Magnetic Tactical Belt on Kickstarter.

Ares Gear Aegis Enhanced Belt, SK

I have been wearing an Ares Gear Aegis Belt for some time now and it is easily the best everyday and CCW belt I have ever owned. I like it so much that I am considering purchasing a second one. The choice of buckle and webbing color just got a bit more complicated thanks to the addition of the new skeletonized buckle option found on the Aegis Enhanced Belt, SK.

Skeleton Buckles_01

The regular Aegis Buckle has a recessed area on the front face of the buckle. This recess is completely cut out on the SK version which exposes the webbing as it passes through the buckle.

The SK buckle is available on the Enhanced version of the Aegis Belt. It has the same double layer of 1.5″ wide super-stiff, proprietary scuba webbing as the regular Aegis Belt but with the addition of a layer of thin colored webbing.

Check out the new Aegis Enhanced Belt, SK at Ares Gear.

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