Free Resource: Greg Ellifritz’s Weekend Knowledge Dump

Greg Ellifritz’s Active Response Training Blog is absolutely packed with great content pertaining to the defensive use of firearms and well worth reading. However, the real gem of his blog are his Weekend Knowledge Dumps. In them, he shares several articles that he found noteworthy from the previous week. The topics range from defensive firearm use, to medical and first aid topics, to preparedness, and even wellness.

greg ellifritz

Greg Ellifritz

Much of the value of the Weekend Knowledge Dumps comes not only from the articles themselves but Greg’s short commentary on each one. I always learn something and I always feel a little bit like I have cheated my way into knowledge. These knowledge dumps are like a “life hack”. Greg does the leg work. I gain the knowledge.

I highly recommend that you subscribe to the Active Response Training Blog or the very least, drop in weekly to check out the latest Weekend Knowledge Dump.

One Response to Free Resource: Greg Ellifritz’s Weekend Knowledge Dump

  1. Greg Ellifritz January 5, 2016 at 12:40 #

    Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate the link!

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